A “Cram” for David Miscavige, Ecclesiastical Leader of the Scientology Religion

L. Ron Hubbard, of “Going Clear” fame these days, wrote a collection of policies for the church called the “PR Series” (for Public Relations). These policies are (or should be) the guiding policies for all Public Relations activities by the church. The are 47 policy letters in this series.

In the second policy letter of this series, released in August of 1970 (13 Aug 1970), Ron speaks of the missing ingredient in PR: “Reality.” Scientology defines understanding as an interaction between three factors: Affinity, Reality, and Communication.

Ron took the word “affinity” to mean a friendliness or love toward someone or something. Closeness. The higher the affinity for someone, the more you like them. Over the years, I have taken to replacing “affinity” for love, because Love is a strong word and everyone knows what it means. God is Love. Love conquers all. Love makes the world go ’round.

“Reality” means, in this context, what a person agrees exists. What is real versus unreal. To some people, God is very real. To others, God is a fiction. A person can have a vague idea that there is a city called Los Angeles, but it is not really real to someone until he or she actually visits Los Angeles. You can live your whole life with someone, and then find out they are a closet Nazi. Your world shatters because everything you thought was real about the person becomes a lie. The new reality is jarring.

“Communication” is the interchange of ideas or things between people.

These three make up an inter-depended triangle called the ARC Triangle. As you communicate with someone, you find out more about them (Reality), and generally you increase your affinity for them. This is even true of bad people. No one is perfectly bad, and by communicating with someone and gaining reality on who and what they are, you will see that they may be evil, but not 100% so. In any event, the more you communicate with someone, the more you will understand them. Thus, the higher the ARC, the higher the understanding.

So – that is a long preamble to PR Series 2, and the excerpt below:

“When an enforced communication channel carries only lies, then the affinity caves in and you get hate. For the R [Reality] is corrupted.

“PR dedicated to a false reality of lies, then becomes low A [affinity], low C [communication] and recoils on the user.

“So the first [note that: first] lesson we can learn that enables us to use PR safely is to KEEP A HIGH R [reality].

“The more lies you use in PR the more likely it is that the PR will recoil.

“Thus the law:


Emphasis above is Ron’s. My comments in brackets.

Note that this is a law, which Ron set in policy in 1970. Fast forward the last few years, and especially the last few weeks. The church of Scientology is lying through its teeth.

What I find fascinating is that what is happening with the church and with the entire subject of Scientology is happening exactly as Hubbard predicted it would, forty-five years ago. Mr. David Miscavige, I suggest you reread and apply what Hubbard wrote before you finally destroy everything Hubbard did in his lifetime.

Two Rules for Happy Living

“Two Rules for Happy Living

1. Be able to experience anything.
2. Cause only those things which others can experience easily.”

Ron Hubbard, from the book New Slant on Life

It should be noted that if the book and the movie “Going Clear” tells us anything, it is that the church of Scientology and many of its members have wandered from these two very simple rules.

Happy Birthday Ron!

Happy birthday to L. Ron Hubbard. Ironically, today is the day Alex Gibney’s “Going Clear” documentary is premiering in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. I have not seen the movie yet, but by all accounts, it appears to be a compelling piece of work. My hope is that it supplies enough pressure to the church and folks like Tom Cruise and John Travolta that significant changes happen in the organization. One thing is sure, it will contribute to the motion.

Tony Ortega and R2-45

First of all, welcome to those of you visiting from The Underground Bunker. Tony referred to me in today’s posts as an Indie who would criticize him for referring to R2-45.

R2-45, for those of you who are unfamiliar with it, is a joke Hubbard put into Route 2, which is a series of processes described in the book “Creation of Human Ability.” This book was published in 1954. The Route 2 processes are usually a set of questions the practitioner asks the recipient of the session. For example, the entry for R2-44 is called “Must and Must Not Happen” and the entry for it describes the theory behind the process, and the commands themselves – which are “Tell me some things you wouldn’t want to happen again.” and “Tell me some things that you would like to have happen again.” Pretty benign, no? The entries for each process are anywhere from a paragraph or two to several pages long, depending on the process.

The entry for R2-45 reads as follows:

“R2-45: An enormously effective process for exteriorization but its use is frowned upon by this society at this time.”

And that is all it says. It is a cussing joke. And – one is left to imply that “45” refers to a pistol – but nowhere anywhere is the actually said, because Hubbard figured most people would get the joke. Boy was he wrong.

Here we are sixty years later – get that –  sixty years later – and Tony still refers to it as somehow a threat, when there is NO evidence of what it actually is, or that what people think it is actually happened! Of course it was a joke – just as of course he was referring to a .45 when in fact it was never actually mentioned.

People may not like the joke, but a joke it was.

There was a reference to R2-45 in an ethics order from 1968 in which one of the directives was that “any Sea Org member contacting any of them [the subjects of the Ethics Order] is to use Auditing Process R2-45.” As if that’s proof that Hubbard ordered people shot. Now, the lines before it mentioned that the subjects of the order are “enemies of mankind, the planet and all life” and that they are subject to “reverse processes” if they ever came into a Qual (Qualifications) division. The whole ethics order is over the top – and indicates to me that Ron was pissed at these people. Now here’s  the deal: If the order was truly meant to be followed, it surely would have been followed, no? In other words, if Hubbard’s followers actually believed the order to literally mean shooting these people, don’t you think these people would have been shot?

The answer is no, because the whole thing is absurd! The reference to R2-45 was a joke, or more accurately, an indicator that Hubbard was extremely upset with the subjects of the order. Everyone who saw or read it in 1968 knew it. Every Scientologist knew it. But apparently today’s Scientology critics are unable to see this.

For those of you who must dive into this, here’s a list of various references to R2-45. Just remember that no one actually was shot. No one. Ever.

The Sea Org is the Organization that sets the Standards for Ethics, Tech, and Admin on the Planet

As part of the travesty that is the take-over of the Church of Scientology’s Los Angeles Organization by members of the Sea Organization, the church released a promotional item that glorifies it. Instead of admitting that it was essentially a coup, they church is spinning it as a new model in their “Ideal Org” program. Mike Rinder has it all on his blog.

One thing stood out to me, which is this quote from the new RTC Rep of the usurped LA Org, Joanna Bach:

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 1.11.27 PM

The RTC is supposedly the authorizing force regarding who is good enough to use the Scientology trademarks. The RTC is led by none other than Mr. David Miscavige, so-called “COB” of the RTC. So, Joanna works for Dave.

Since the greater world might not know what the standards of ethics, tech (technology), and policy look like, I thought I would show you a very recent example of Sea Org members displaying their standards to the world.

These three people are not just Sea Org members, they are the top echelon of Sea Org members. The woman, Jenny Linson DeVocht is Mr. David Miscavige’s right-hand, and the other two gentlemen have held top-level positions in the Sea Organization for over thirty years.

This is the standard to which Scientologist church members all over the world aspire. I know, it is difficult to be this ethical, especially out in such a public place as the Los Angeles airport, but listen to the aplomb – the grace – with which these three demonstrate their skills. It is truly breathtaking. Needless to say, not too many church members can pull this off. It takes years of working at the highest levels to get to this level of awesomeness.

However, their example has filtered down to the mainstream church members, even if they are not quite as endearing and gifted as these three are. Here is an example of just three years ago, where some wayward church members wandered off the reservation out into the greater world to do God’s work in Texas:

This particular encounter shows how the example of the Sea Organization’s superior standard of ethics trickled down the food-chain to some well-meaning parishioners who are just trying to ensure that Scientology is standardly delivered. They did miss a major piece of the standard, however, which was that there were no profane words uttered (even if their existence in Texas in such ridiculous outfits was profane – maybe that is enough after all).

So, since the Los Angeles church was closed down and then restaffed with Sea Org members, and since these Sea Org members are truly the standard for ethics, technology, and policy for the entire planet, I just thought I would enlighten you on what that standard actually looks like. Enjoy!

Closure of LA and ASHO Foundation and Treason

My alma maters are ASHO Day and ASHO Foundation, the two highest-level training organizations in the Americas. I did my Academy Levels at ASHO Day in 1976, and my Saint Hill Special Briefing Course at ASHO Foundation from 1980 to 1985.

In September, the church made a huge announcement: They are closing ASHO Day and ASHO Foundation, and combining them into a new org, just ASHO. They have also closed down Los Angeles Day and Los Angeles Foundation orgs and combined them into a new Los Angeles org staffed by Sea Org members only.

This is, per HCOPL 7 April 1969 “Org Reduction or Eradication,” a Treasonable Act:

“It is an act of treason to reduce, combine or close an org”

LRH lists out 29 ways an org can “collapsed or closed,” including number 3: “Combine the Day org with its Foundation.” Further on, and very telling:

“Of these offenses, simply ordering an org closed or to combine Day and Foundation or to drop its status lower are directly treasonable acts, as a little work and better planning and attention to policy and service has always been able to lift up stats.”


“Thus, _we_ must also take heavy care that our own executives do not do it [close/combine orgs] in any shape or guise as it betrays the whole planet.”


So, we all know that Mr. Miscavige and his cronies are screwing up big time. Here we have proof in Hubbard’s own writing that they are committing treason.

The problem with staying in the church out of fear that you will “lose your eternity” is that you have already lost it. The church has demonstrably violated LRH policy after policy after policy, and now we have the church closing orgs and celebrating it. Imagine that! Celebrating a treasonable act.

I mourn ASHO Foundation. ASHO F was a great org, with great people back in the day, and it deserves better than this.

Scientology and Hypnosis

There has been a recent trend in the Scientology diaspora world lately about how people who accept Scientology only do so because they are hypnotized. The idea is that auditing is really hypnosis in disguise, and that Hubbard himself was a master hypnotist who used his powers in his lectures and discussions to implant suggestions into his subjects. Hubbard revealed his true motivations to his friend Forrest Ackerman (in 1949 even!) when he said “…you can rape women without their knowing it, communicate suicide messages to your enemies as they sleep, sell the Arroyo Seco parkway to the mayor for cash…” This proves his real reasons for publishing Dianetics.

Well, guess what? They are all right! Scientology is one big hypnotic suggestion, and I can prove it by describing Hubbard’s most insidious, egregious, underhanded, and deceptive technique. It is the technique he used more than any other to hypnotize his followers. Despite all the books and articles and beat poetry that has been written or said on Hubbard and his techniques, no one has ever described Hubbard’s most frequent, and most secret, method! It is so insidious, it was lost even on the most critical of anti-Hubbardian whistleblowers (or whistle bloviators, as the case may be).

Hubbard insisted on the use of this technique to introduce – nay hypnotize – people into Scientology. It was and still remains his most effective means of capturing the poor minds of his followers.

As a person who has intimate experience with Hubbard, Scientology, Scientologists, anti-Scientologists, and fake Scientologists, I would like to blow the cover off of Hubbard’s most effective, underhanded technique, for the good of all.

The technique Hubbard used and mastered is called “Focused Data Acquisition.”

What is Focussed Data Acquisition? It is a technique in which you can hypnotize people without your even being there – Hubbard is still doing it even though he has been dead since 1986.

To perform this technique, do the following:

1. Capture what you want to suggest to your subjects into a series of sheets of paper. The paper size is not important. What is import is that you effectively assemble your suggestions into a series of word streams, so that they can be easily digested and accepted by the subjects you are targeting.

2. Take these sheets of paper, and attach them together into a stack.

3. On the top of the stack, place a sheet of stiff paper or cardboard with an image evoking the suggestions you wish to convey – thus readying the subject and putting them in the correct frame of mind to accept the suggestions that follow.

4. Ensure your subject gets a set of these paper sheets. Tell them to go to a quiet place (such as a nook by a fireplace) so they can be in a relaxed state of mind, thus making them much more suggestible when they enter into the focussed state.

5. Tell them (and this is the key point) – tell them to focus on the streams of words of the suggestions with their eyes, scanning over each letter, forming words from the letters, and suggestions from the words, thus allowing their brain and soul to mainline these suggestions into their psyche.

6. In order to avoid having the suggestions misfire, or evoke an errant response, ensure that the subject understand the words he or she is reading – even to the point of defining the words using a special paper stack designed for that purpose.

Studies have found that people who are subjected to this insidious form of hypnosis frequently fall into a very focused state, where the world around them seems to recede, and where they do not hear people address them, even if their name is repeated several times! Frequently, people need to be tapped or gently shaken for them to be pulled out of this form of hypnosis/trance.

If you ask any Scientologist or ex-Scientologist, you will find that this technique, Focused Data Acquisition, was subjected on them as their first hypnotic session, implanting in them the first suggestions that eventually became the entire implanted suggestion called “Scientology.” Hubbard was a master at this technique.

Remember, you heard it here first.