Free Daniel Montalvo

Daniel Montalvo is a nineteen year old Scientologist, and a member of the Sea Organization. He was born into the church – both his parents are Scientologists.

The Sea Organization is described on the Scientology web site. When you join the SO, you are dedicating your life to the expansion and delivery of Scientology. It is not a commitment to be taken likely, and joining the SO is a life changing event. It is analogous to joining the priesthood Catholicism, or becoming a Buddhist monk, or, in some ways, to becoming a “lifer” in the military.

It is not supposed to be analogous to joining the Mob, but this latest incident shows that it is, in the world of “Mr. David Miscavige.”

In the Mob, if you want to leave, you get “whacked.” Getting “whacked” is the exit strategy – you see it in “The Sopranos,” “Goodfellas,” “Scarface” (both movies), etc. Of course, these are movies, works of fiction. Unfortunately, in the SO, getting “whacked” is all too real.

The only thing good about getting whacked by the SO is that they are not using bullets.

Instead, they use lies, familial connections, scare tactics about how you will be cut off from any further involvement with Scientology. They yell and scream at you. They hire thugs to follow you around. They ask your family to lie about you, and they invent “crimes.” They also scour your confessional records for “dirt” to use against you. They try to get you put in jail.

This is true. This is what the “Church” of Scientology does to its own.

Daniel Montalvo decided to leave the SO. Details of the situation and escape are in Marty Rathbun’s blog. If you are a Scientologist reading this, you have been told that Marty is the devil. Okay – let’s say that’s true just for the sake of argument. Regardless, the facts are the facts, and the facts are these:

Daniel, an SO member, blew. He left. He left because a friend of his, Tom Devocht, was skewered in an official publication of the Church, Freedom Magazine. Dan grew up knowing Tom, and loved him. He knew the mag was propaganda, and he knew he needed to leave. So, he got in touch with Tom, and he left.

The SO, after all, is composed of Volunteers. The Scientology web site says so, so it must be true.

One thing to know about Scientology justice (as it is supposed to be) is that even if someone leaves a staff position without authorization, he is still a staff member until it is sorted out. In other words, a Scientologist has rights in his own organization. In this case, Danny, when he left, was still in the SO at least from the Church’s point of view, and should be treated like an SO member. Which means, he does something wrong, he has a whole battery of justice tools that can help find the truth, including a Court of Ethics and, in this case, a Committee of Evidence. He also has the option to “route out” of the SO, which is a process of cleaning up things before he goes.

Just as it is a serious matter to join the SO, it is a serious matter to leave it. But people leave the SO all the time. I personally have family members who are former SO, and while, as I said, leaving the SO is serious, they were able to do it and move on.

After Danny left, he was being hounded by the church – again, details in Marty’s blog. After an appeal by his mother, he decided to return to route out rather than just sever the relationship. He decided to “do the right thing” and route of the the SO. Just like so many have done before.

Well – what happens? Instead of just going back to his Church and going through the process, he is sent to a bunch of lawyers and is told that he STOLE church property – a couple of mobile hard disks with his music on it – and therefore is guilty of GRAND THEFT – a felony. All Danny had when he left (after a lifetime of service) was a bag of clothes and a couple of cheap hard drives. And he was accused of stealing the hard drives.

By the way, he returned the property at the urging of the Devil – er, Marty and Tom – because Marty and Tom knew what would happen if Danny had anything of any value on him when he left that could be construed to be Church property. And, they were right.

He was arrested, and sent to County Jail.

Instead of routing out, like he was promised, he was ARRESTED and SENT TO JAIL.

This is a fact. A nineteen year old SO member was sent to jail on a stupid, trumped up charge by his Church, the church  that IGNORED his rights as an SO member and as a Scientologist.

How could this had happened? What possible reason could Mr. David Miscavige have for doing this to a nineteen year old boy?

He dared to communicate to his old friend, a man he knew since childhood, and who he knew was okay, despite the Church’s propaganda otherwise.

I am sure he did not expect to be sent to jail when he returned home – the only home he knew in his entire life. But as Monty Python says, “no one expects the Spanish Inquisition.”

I am writing this to other Scientologists and especially to SO members. I have been a Scientologist since 1969, and I have been on staff at Flag and at Bridge Publications. I have had my share of ethics and justice within the Church, and I have had my share of crazy justice. So have you. Admit it.

But, think about this. This is a kid who cannot legally drink in California. This is a kid who has been on staff in one way or another his whole life. This is a kid whose whole life was spent in the church. I don’t know his ethics history or his case history. But it doesn’t matter. He is an SO member, and a Scientologist in Good Standing. And he was jailed. This is a suppressive act, committed by your leader, “Mr. David Miscavige.”

When he walked out the door, instead of being communicated to and salvaged using Scientology, he was thrown under the bus. He was SENT TO JAIL.

On a bogus charge.

This is your Church of Scientology at work, on one of your own.

Think about it. This is truth, not propaganda. This is real, not lies. This can and will happen to you if you cross “Mr. David Miscavige.”

I am a Scientologist. This group of Mobsters  that would do this to Danny and others is not a group that should be any part of Scientology. “They” are “Mr. David Miscavige” and the mobsters who do his dirty work. “Mr. David Miscavige” and his mobsters are not practicing Scientology, they are practicing “Mob Rule.” Mr. David Miscavige is in the Valence of “The Godfather.”

Why do you think I am doing this anonymously? I have family and friends I want to protect until I have the resources to whether any legal storm “Mr. David Miscavige” throws my way. In addition, I can be anonymous, and that helps me stay “Fabian.” If you are on staff, it will be tougher for you to speak out. On the other hand, there are lots of people out here who have been where you are, and can keep you out of jail.

Did I just say this? Could it really be true that your own Church will put you in jail if you leave the SO? Surely, this is propaganda!

Tell that to Danny. He was just whacked by the Godfather, Mr. David Miscavige.


2 thoughts on “Free Daniel Montalvo

  1. Theta Networker

    {Evidently every wordpress account is also a gravatar account — Be assured, Grasshopper, I did not choose that entheta-looking image that popped up when I clicked on ‘Be the first to like this post.”}
    I appreciate your post. I, too, found about about out about Daniel Montalvo from Marty’s blog, which is indeed the “hub of the Independents” as it reads on your Blogroll …

    Just wanted to let you know that day before yesterday I started sending out e-mails to some folks who know me of my blog I just started at Theta Networker’s Open Channel — Discover your own spiritual truth, which of course includes ~Independent Scientology ~ I put a number of links on it, such as Marty’s and Karen’s and included one to your web site as well!

    I put the following in my e-mails: “What you observe is what you observe. Look at things and life and others directly, not through any cloud of prejudice, curtain of fear or the interpretation of another.” — The Way to Happiness — L. Ron Hubbard



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