Ron’s 100th – March 13, 2011

Ron’s 100th birthday is upon us – only five short months away! Now I know we all have some interesting history on birthday games for LRH. The birthday game started out as a nice little gift to Ron and ended up being a death match.

However, there is one thing that I think we all can agree would be a great 100th birthday present for the “Old Man:”

Mr. David Miscavige removed from post.

I have taken the “Under.” I already have one taker for the “Over” – David LaCroix, the man who has been doing the great work at The wager is a nice dinner gift certificate for Danny Montalvo.  I loved the idea of this so much, I had to post it here!

Everyone, we are on the verge of this happening. Let’s do this!

5 thoughts on “Ron’s 100th – March 13, 2011

  1. Your humble servant


    I didn’t realize you had a website. It is beautiful. Your writings are beautiful.

    I don’t read a lot of blogs, although I read Marty’s every day. Since you mentioned your site I came here. I’m happy I found it, and I will come by from time to time.

    Disempowering and removing DM would indeed be a marvelous birthday present for Ron. He will be gone one day, whether or not it is by March 13, 2011. One thing that will assist in getting rid of him, sadly enough, is that he is so bad, so vicious, so psycho, so arbitrary, and so cruel that he has damaged many, many people and, largely wrecked the Church of Scientology. He has effectively destroyed the Church’s reputation among the public at large. Many of those he has damaged are fighting hard to get rid of him, and they are formidable. It will be done.

    I can’t help but note, if things had rolled out differently over the last 30 years, if the Church of Scientology had evolved into an organization that was kinder, more honest, more inclusive, more understanding, and more people-friendly, more loving, and so on, spreading its theta and good works and good technology over the world, sharing with the world the more fantastic and beautiful discoveries that Ron made, the world at large could have embraced Scientology, using it salve the many troubles of the world and perhaps avoiding the tragic wars and massacres that have slaughtered millions. But no, Miscavige had to trickily, deceitfully, and viciously grab the reigns to let one and all know that force was king and blind obedience to the madman’s “command intention” the watchword.

    Yes, the demon has to go. He has already killed a great many more by indirect effects than those he killed directly. Yes, he has killed directly. Lisa McPherson was evidently one victim, killed by his SP megalomaniacal interference with her case and insane, illegal C/Sing.

    For the longer term, if Scientology is to exist as an organized church, I believe I can only support that church in the future if it is of a more democratic format.

    Imagine if the church had leadership that was pretty bad, suppressive in its intentions and policies, and it its interpretation of policies, but didn’t beat people, imprison them, torture them, and publicly humiliate them as Miscavige does. Under present church structure, would it ever be possible to get rid of such suppressive leadership? Perhaps, but it’s not for sure.

    In the present case, we WILL be able get rid of this insane monster since, and most especially since, he is so insane. But, look how difficult it is and how long it is taking.

    Well, that’s all somewhat theoretical. Yes, for now, let’s just get rid of him.

    Oh, by the way, I don’t know what you mean by taking the “over’ and the “under.”

    Thanks so much for this blog and your efforts.

    1. Grasshopper Post author

      Hi YHS, thanks for dropping by!

      First, “Over/Under” is a gambling term, meaning that one person takes less than the number or date, the other takes greater than or later. So, in my case, if I take the “under” on Mr. David Miscavige being removed from post by Ron’s 100th birth, it means I am saying that I am taking the bet that DM is out before Ron’s birthday. The way things are going, it is looking like I may win this one!

      It will be very interesting once Mr. David Miscavige is gone. I am still working out the end game, but we will never get into this mess again.


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