Scientology and Communism

(I want to add a note at the outset. It is not easy to compare DM’s church with Communism, Stalinism or Nazism. Regardless of how bad DM and his team are, and not to take away any of the suffering and  pain these people needlessly cause, and acknowledging that what DM is doing is destroying a religion from the inside, he is NOT Hitler, nor is he Stalin. Thank God for that. What we are doing in the Independent Movement is taking back our religion. Thankfully, none of us will be burned at the stake or mowed down in a pogrom or shot “pink legs” style. Again, this is not to minimize their actions, but to put them in perspective. DM has not set up gas chambers. Let us ensure he doesn’t.)

When Ron was developing Scientology and Dianetics, there was no question as to which position he took in regards to communism: squarely against. Communism is an atheistic, materialist view of the world, let alone a incredibly destructive political philosophy, and if there was any philosophy that is the exact opposite of the basic principles of Self Determinism, Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, and Open Communications, it is communism.

Where are we now? What is the Sea Organization but a communist-style organization? The group is all, the individual nothing. All people (should be) paid the same. Everyone in bunks and shared rooms. No real personal property. All actions for the good of the group (or leader). Not to mention the later developments of purges and banishments.

It is a great thing to dedicate your life to a great cause. You see a need for noble action, and want to be the member of the team that is helping to change the world – to make the world a better place. It is deep in all of us to want to build great things, and be part of great movements. We see the incredible need for change. We see this incredible vision for how it ought to be. And we want to put our all into building such a vision. We will sacrifice for it, give our blood and treasure to it, and be willing to die for it. This desire we have is a noble thing. It is easy to be cynical and say that nothing can be done, that people are not really honest, that they have base motives. But, there are great causes, and something can be done to help people. The only people who get things done are the people who dedicate themselves to getting things done, and commit to their version of the Great Cause.

Virtually every Sea Org member I know genuinely signed up to help in the Big Cause, which in the SO, of course, is to get the technology of Scientology disseminated and delivered so that we can achieve a Cleared Planet. What is a Cleared Planet, after all? From the Aims of Scientology:

A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war…

Is this not a Great Cause? Regardless of your position on Scientology or Mr. David Miscavige’s church, is not this goal worthy of effort? We are effectively shooting for heaven.

The desire we all have to dedicate ourselves to the Great Cause is a good thing. There is nothing wrong with dedication, purpose, and passion. We as humans choose all sorts of things to be passionate about. We dedicate ourselves to new technologies, to helping to feed third-world children, to space exploration, to developing new ways to build housing. There is a group in Oregon that is dedicated to finding better stoves for third-world families to use to cook food and boil water faster and cleaner and prevent the deaths of their children from smoke-induced pneumonia.  Dedication to a Big Cause is a good thing.

One of the most evil things you can do is to take a person’s basic desire to dedicate themselves to a cause and pervert it for personal gain or power. This is the current Sea Organization and the Church of Scientology under Mr. David Miscavige.

He has built a whole communist regime out of the church. He is the top leader – he is Stalin. His whim is his underlings’ command.

This even goes to the church’s book production facilities and the Ideal Org “strategy.” The new Bridge Publications factory in LA is a monument to waste – and is a great example of the modern equivalent of communist factories. Communist factories always had to produce, and meet top-down production demands. So, what did they do? They forced production – enslaved the workers, took in material to make unneeded ball bearings, and… took the finished ball bearings and took them back to the front of the factory to be melted down and made into new ball bearings!

This new factory that is able to print 500,000 books per week and manufacture 700,000 CDs per week is a paragon of unneeded production – and there is apparently another one in Europe! About 20 Million copies of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health have been sold – and these factories can match that production in less than a year! Less than six months if both factories are used. That is ridiculous.

The Ideal Orgs are the same thing, only for people. They are built – they look impressive – and they surely drained a lot of parishioners’ bank accounts, but they are empty.

The orgs and the factories are great examples of communist production strategies: build it, or die!

Tragically, one of the worst examples of the communist production strategy is in the church’s own “product line.” How many people have been trained, been audited, been cleared, done OT levels… only to find out they were NOT really clear, that the materials were NOT really standard, so they have to redo ALL of it? Isn’t that just taking ball bearings and melting them down? Except, these are people, and we are talking about their spiritual gains and wisdom.

The church can no longer product a product, and worse, melts down the products it already made. Just like the Communists did.

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