The Church is Dead

Mr. David Miscavige’s Church of whatever it is is collapsing. It has been collapsing for years.

Mr. David and team are coming off really bad. Our Darling, Tom Cruise, is kind of recovering from a severe career breakdown after his Mr. David – inspired meltdown in 2005. This breakdown was not caused because he is a Scientologist. He was a Scientologist for years before he jumped on the couch and called Matt Lauer “glib.” No, he was connected to Mr. D – his new buddy.

The Panorama show a few months ago and a few years ago showed a very creepy side to Scientology – members lying in lock-step, feigning consternation and disbelief at the mention of some OT materials, acting “insulted” when a reporter asks legitimate questions. Tommy Davis – what a peach he is, no?

And then you have the actions of  the PI team harassing people like Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, Mat Pesh and others. But, not just them, but harassing their friends, family, and workspaces. You have the craziness of senior executives and family members yelling obscenities to Mike Rinder in public – and at the time he had John Sweeney from Panorama on the phone (and on record).

You have them jailing an SO member who decided to leave staff – a 19 year old kid I posted about before.

I can go on. The point is this:

This is not winning. This is NOT an effective strategy for getting Scientology put in a better light for the public eye, or for getting new public to become Scientologists. These strategies are, in fact, raising the bar of entry for anyone who may be interested in finding out about their soul or their mind. When the public perception of a group is soulless and mindless, why would anyone seeking sanity or spiritually give these crazy people even the time of day? Why, then, is the Church doing these stupid, ineffective things?

There are two possible reasons:

1. They are being overwhelmed by the evil that is arrayed against the church, and the church’s actions would be effective if the enemy was not as tough as they are, or

2. They are not trying to be effective to the world, but only trying to look effective to people on the inside.

While either of these show the incompetence of the “Church,” I am going with #2.

It can’t be about the public. It has to be to keep the monkeys in line. If there is any logic in this at all, it has to be that all of David’s minions’ actions have nothing to do with getting new public on the bridge, or “handling entheta” in any meaningful way. It is a facade to the insiders to keep them inside. Mr. David’s audience is not the world, it is his sheep.

He has been mining the same bunch of people for years, extracting more and more money out of them – asking for money in more and more ways. First, it was the IAS – need to spend $2,000 to be a lifetime member, and it is VITAL that you do it. That was the good ol’ days – now a lifetime membership is $5,000. The yearly fee is $500. This alone is a barrier to entry. Then, it was ripping up the training side and effectively canceling all certs – the “Golden Age of Tech.” Extract more money from the already trained to redo levels they already did. Then it was the “Golden Age of Knowledge,” canceling all earlier books on the subject and replacing them with new editions that the public MUST BUY. Both of these actions (GAT and GAK) violated the technical degrades policy by invalidating all data prior to their release. In the middle was the muddying up of the clear status – how many OTs – even to OT VIII – were called in and told that they were not really clear? So, we are not only canceling a person’s training level and invalidating the knowledge he gained from the pre-“Basics” book period, but now we are invalidating the case gains they made as well, and forcing them to redo the bridge yet again, and a new, higher price!

The lack of new public shows itself very clearly in the “Ideal Org” strategy. Why, oh why, are members of the church asked to donate to fund raisers for new buildings for orgs? Why? Why aren’t the orgs getting money the way Ron said to – by delivering Scientology to the public? Because there is no public. There are no NEW Scientologists to get money from, there are only OLD ones to get money from.

Mr. David Miscavige can only get money from existing Scientologists, so his audience for all his shenanigans are existing Scientologists. Existing Scientologists are getting A. tapped out, and B. wise. The tapped out ones are just tapped out. The wise ones are going independent. This is a death spiral, and, frankly, it is inescapable at this point.

The Church, in other words, is dead.

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