Where to Go from Here?

If you are a Scientologist who is wondering what the heck is going on with the Freezone, with ex-Sea Org members speaking out against the church, the Independent Scientology movement, all these Anonymous people protesting the orgs, etc., this blog post is for you.

I think the biggest fear (or maybe what should be the biggest fear) for a Scientologist looking for information on the church is to come across real or bogus upper level information. This is a legitimate worry. The upper level information is fantastic to many people outside the church, and having seen lots of postings about it, they always miss the point of the OT levels – but, be that as it may, there it is, in pieces and fragments all over the ‘net. If you are a Scientologist, it is far better to get to the OT levels in the correct sequence without having to wade through crap on the ‘net.

In addition, you have people who are absolutely against not just the church, but the whole subject of Scientology. These sites spew a lot of stuff out, true and false, rumor and fact, and I have found that many, many times they mix in bogus fears with legitimate concerns. These sites grant zero legitimacy to anything in Scientology, including the TRs, Self Analysis, study tech – it is all painted with a very broad brush of badness.

So, in order to help you make up your mind, I suggest Marty Rathbun’s blog, over in the blog links. I also suggest the FreeHeber web site, and the FreeZone sites. These are people who are independent Scientologists, and therefore respect the subject and will not feed any upper level data.

You should know, however, that you will come across some upper level data in your journey to truth. The good news is that it is disjoint, and I have never seen it presented in its entirety. Have been through the upper levels, the main point of OT III and other materials are NEVER mentioned. So, treat it like you would “History of Man,” or the tape “The Free Being,” or the PDC. Past lives space opera is interesting, but unreal if  you yourself have not experienced it.

Check out the blog roll here, and really, get some Truth. There used to be a saying back in the day: “If it isn’t fun, it’s not Scientology.” And that is the truth. There is not a lot of fun in Mr. David Miscavige’s organizations these days. Time to get back to Scientology. These blogs will help you on your journey.

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