Conversations with Jan

One of my siblings (whom I will call “Jan”) is a graduate of the Delphian School. Delphi has been around for about 35 years, and, at least when Jan was there, it was truly a great mix of traditional education given with the blessings of study technology.

Of course, Jan has kept in touch with other Delphi students and grads over the years.

We had a nice post-Thanksgiving discussion yesterday – heated in agreement that the church is really off the rails.

We both agreed that church members do NOT need to read anything Marty or Mike or Marc or anyone else has to say about the church to make up their mind about the church. People who want to know how their church is doing ONLY need to look at the PRODUCTS of the church:

The “Freedom” magazine articles of late,

The “Squirrel Busters” and their OWN YouTube channel,

The myriad anti-Marty Rathbun sites,

The “Religious Freedom” watch website,

The “responses” by the church given to media – Karin Pouw and Tommy Davis.

Read them and weep.

These are embarrassments, and can’t be defended. There is no rational reason for any of this – none. The tone level range of the above church “communications” is from 1.1 to 1.5 – all below 2.0.

In addition, the above communications are riddled with information from “priest/parishioner” privileged files – ethics files, PC folders. This is a betrayal of parishioner trust – Treason by definition.

Add to that the ad hominem attacks on ex-members like Paul Haggis (calling him a “Hack” – really?). The message is clear: Leave the church, and you are not just a non-person, you are trash, and we will trash you to anyone who can stomach the inane ramblings of our public web sites and “Freedom Magazines.”

Jan made a great point: Why are we, as public Scientologists, apologizing for the idiocy of senior management when they publish  this trash, and when they engage in very public harassment of ex-members? When we have to defend and make excuses for these communications, we are bypassing senior management, who should have the chops to be able to handle the PR of our church and religion. We should not be in a position to have to bypass our own church leadership.

The answer is clear – the “leadership” is inept, and needs to go.

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