Why I Post Anonymously

I post anonymously because I value my relationships with my family more than I do Scientology. Scientology is not going anywhere, and I have no right to force anyone in my family to have to deal with the idiocy of the church until and unless they are ready. I value my freedom, including my freedom to post anonymously.

That having been said, it pains me to have to be in this position – and to have been involved with a church so vicious that it will “eat its young” rather than deal with its own serious faults.

3 thoughts on “Why I Post Anonymously

  1. Pat


    I linked over here from your comment today on Marty’s blog. It was a very good comment, by the way.

    No need to explain why you post anonymously. You have to do what works for you. Period. No explanations needed. To do otherwise would put you right back in lockstep mode of the cult you’ve walked away from. Continue to keep your own counsel on this.


    1. Grasshopper Post author

      Thanks, Pat. There is a small bit of pressure to “stand up and be counted” and I get that. But, I have had my fill of “Duty button” pushing over the years. I have no duty to Ron, to Scientology, or to “mankind.” I do have a duty to myself and my family, and to be true to the groups I belong to. “Being true” does not mean doing what is asked of me, but to do the right thing. Sacrificing family and self for a group is very, very rarely the right thing to do. As Ron said in KSW, it is the bank that says the group is all and the individual nothing.

      That having been said, I admire the hell out of those that have stood up and said to hell with David Miscavige and the twisted culture of the SO, a culture that has pervaded the rest of the church over the last thirty years. Miscavige is the distillation of the all the negative aspects of the SO culture. Naturally, he floated to the top.

      1. Pat

        Regarding the duty button, ignore it. There are some people who will use that button to make others wrong.

        You’re so right in recognizing what your first duty is; to yourself and family. If you were to ignore that and out yourself, all for some supposed higher calling, how is that any different than what’s going on in the cult right now? It’s not. In fact, it would be a dramatization of exactly that.

        Every now and then some people get on a rant about how everyone needs to stand up, come out, be counted etc. etc. etc. It used to annoy me but then I saw it as a ser fac and decided to ignore it. I put my name out there when it was right for me. It was my decision and not done in response to anyone’s make wrong or opinion.

        If & when it works for you to post your name, you will.


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