Debbie Cook – Scientologist

Debbie Cook, who was the CO of The Flag Service Org for 17 years, wrote a letter to friends indicating some concerns she had about the current direction of the Church, and backing up her concerns with LRH tech and policy. She is a member in good standing with the Church, and has been out of the SO for a few years, living life in Texas.

This letter is the “shot heard round the world” even though SHE never sent it to anyone other than Scientologist friends of hers.

The Church has labeled her a SQUIRREL and an APOSTATE. In public – USA Today, and other media.

Apparently, current staff are telling their field that she “must have been implanted.”

All this, for writing a sane and rational letter listing valid concerns. For following “Keeping Scientology Working.”

I think it is important for members of the Church of Scientology, members who are currently in good standing with the Church, to remember exactly what the issue is here, and the Church’s response.

Debbie Cook wrote a single email to her friends (of which she has many) that is very clear, concise, and free of HE&R and Blame, Shame and Regret. She IS a member of the church in good standing. She has NOT been out in any public area discussing Scientology. She is speaking to friends as a member of the group.

She lists a concern, and then accurately cites LRH policy or tech supporting her concerns.

Her intention was to do this internally – and indeed, again, she sent the note to Scientologist friends. Of course it is a bomb shell – but, she did not publish the letter.

The only other communication on the matter was a post on Facebook saying she indeed did send the letter.

I rescanned the list of high crimes from my ethics book. Debbie committed NONE of them, and the only one that could be stretched to fit was “Engaging in malicious rumor mongering to destroy the authority or repute of higher officers or the leading names Scientology or to safeguard a position.” Of course, her communication was far from malicious – it is clear her intent was KSW.

I scanned the crimes. The only ones that could possibly be stretched to fit are:

1. Spreading destructive rumors about senior Scientologists.
[Again, she is concerned, not “spreading rumors”]
2. Committing a solution that becomes a problem.
[Oh, yes she did! As LRH would say “Joke!” ]


Immediately she was labeled a “squirrel” and an “apostate.”


She issues TWO sane and rational communications, committing NO crime in Scn, and she is IMMEDIATELY chucked under the bus.

SHE is a Scientologist. SHE did NOTHING to imperil that position, OTHER than Communicate to Scientologists (not publicly) and quote LRH policy. She did NOT communicate to the media, and she did NOT publicly disavow Scientology. In fact, she was very forthright in her purpose to Keep Scientology Working!

And for that, she has been expelled from the Church – publicly, before the world. No Comm-Ev. No Golden Rod. Nothing.

The Church of Scientology no longer represents Scientology’s aims and goals, and no longer follows its own ethics policies. It is a third dynamic reactive bank. A button gets pushed, and we get an irrational response. That is the definition of reactive bank.

I am a Scientologist. I am a member in good standing. I tip my hat to Debbie, and wish her well. I also wish all Scientologists well. Anyone who actually uses the technology is a friend in my book. That is my group.

Thanks, Debbie.

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