You Can’t Be a Scientologist Without Looking

You know, I was just contemplating on why the “Kool-Aid” members of the Church of Scientology have cut their comm lines to the internet, and I remember in the early ’90s, the internet was “dangerous” because some people published versions of the OT materials. People who are anti-Scientology love to point out what they believe are the OT materials as proof that Scientology is weird or a cult, or whatever. Even Mark Bunker, who is currently in the mind-set that Independent Scientology is okay as a personal choice but who is (rightfully) against the abuses of the church proper, named his website something that is, frankly, offensive to all Scientologists, independent or not. I know his reasoning behind the name, but to me it is almost the equivalent of naming an anti-Bernie Madoff site “Jew-boy-TV” and then being bewildered why some jews might not want to see what he is saying.

To me, it makes sense that if you are not yet OT, you have a right to not expose yourself to the materials until you are ready for them, and so it makes sense to voluntarily withdraw from searching too much for Scientology-related information on the internet.

But what we have now is a different thing. We have OTs cutting their reach to the world, counseling others to not read blogs, or read anything related to Scientology. We have Scientologists refusing to LOOK, not because they may come across some “squirrel” technology, but because they may come across something negative about Scientology and the Church.

It is as if their own concept of what Scientology is and what it can do is so frail as to be easily shaken just because someone said “boo!”

And that is just plain wrong.

Scientology is knowing how to know. It is about increasing communication. It is about knowing how to study and think. It is about living life, not hiding or ignoring life.

The name “Scientology” itself means “Knowing how to Know” – and no one can know anything unless they are willing to look and confront it.

Scientology has the tools with which you can evaluate knowledge. They include:

  • The Data Series policy letters, which goes to the core of how to evaluate something and sift through a sea of data to discern the truth.
  • The “Logics” which contains the core of what knowledge and data is.
  • The whole of the Study Technology, which provides the tools to use to help understand and duplicate what you are reading. (Note: What you are reading may be BS, but in order to fully know it is BS you need to be able to duplicate and understand it first).
  • False Data Stripping technology, which helps a person uncover weird and false ideas they may have agreed to in the past without really evaluating first.
  • Service Facsimile technology, which helps a person uncover why they are holding on to a fixed idea, even though the idea may be totally crazy.
  • Overt/Withhold data, which helps a person overcome the reasons he is withholding from someone or something, and withdrawing from a subject, or life itself.
  • The Scientology Axioms, which defines “Truth” and what it is we are all doing here, as well as who we are.

Take your pick. This is a subset of what is available. There are a wealth of tools we have.

In addition to pure Scientology tools, feel free to use the scientific method, Ockham’s razor, or an understanding of logic and logical fallacies.

I see what is happening in the world and how the church is interacting with people who are not Scientologists, or who are so bold as to question what the Church and Mr. David Miscavige and his enablers are doing. The church is not nice. Its interaction is “in your face” and combative. This last year, the church sent a team of so-called documentary makers to Texas for the sole reason of harassing Marty Rathbun. They looked like idiots, but their purpose was incredibly low. This whole operation has NOTHING to do with what Scientology is about. Rathbun could be the devil incarnate and this operation would have been idiotic and ineffective.

Debbie Cook wrote an email to some friends accurately citing LRH policy. Four days later Karin Pouw told USA Today that she is a “Squirrel.” Four days later. No Comm Ev. No Golden Rod. No ethics gradient of any kind.

This is how the church treats people they see as critical, or on the outside.

Meanwhile, on the inside, we see nothing but fluff. Artist’s Conventions and other nonsense on the Freewinds. “Ideal Orgs” opening in various cities that add huge costs to each area they open in, without ANY increase in traffic.

The church is out of valence. It cannot be nice and fluffy on the inside and mad-dog crazy on the outside.

Scientologists on the “inside” are shirking their responsibility to BE Scientologists.

You cannot be a Scientologist without looking and having a willingness to know regardless of the consequences. To the degree you are withdrawing from life and the world, you are lowering your ability to survive, your effectiveness as a person, and your credibility as a Scientologist.

Scientologists NEED to act like Scientologists and apply Scientology. Look. Obnose. See what is there. Then take responsibility for it.

4 thoughts on “You Can’t Be a Scientologist Without Looking

  1. corey

    I take your point on the Mark Bunker site name and it seems I may have inadvertanly offended you for which I apologise. It is impossible not to come across this data unless one refrains from searching on the internet. All I can say is that it is impossible as a church outsider not to find out about this. Just putting ‘Scientology’ into google is enough.

    1. Grasshopper Post author

      No worries, Corey – no offense taken at all. We Scientologists are to blame for the state of the church and for what you see when you Google Scientology. The fact is that there is a lot to own up to about how Mr. David Miscavige got into and maintained control, for what idiotic things were done in the name of “saving” Scientology, and for the nutty cover-ups of stupidity like the tragedies of Lisa McPherson and others that have happened. My basic strategy for getting Scientology back on the right track is 1. getting rid of Miscavige and everything connected to him, including hateful policies like “Fair Game,” Disconnection, the RPF and other harsh punishments, etc., and then, 2. just doing Scientology and nothing else. Eventually, this last 30 year period will be a blot on the history books, like polygamy is a blot on the history books of the LDS church, or the inquisitions are a blot on the Catholic church.

  2. MIA

    HI 🙂
    I know you’ve read my unfortunate introduction of myself on Mr. Rathbun’s blog. I’m so sorry for offending anyone…

    I guess you also read my following comments. I consider myself as a “virgin” scientology follower in the meaning that I never been to a church and never been poisoned by the tactics explained in yours and Marty’s blog. this maybe is a good thing because I’m open for everything and anything, looking for the right directions in the following of my wish for knowledge.

    I feel I’ll never be able to go over the Bridge on my own, never be able to go to OT, etc. I never been audited. I’ve read all the books available but I feel stuck now. Where do I go? What I’ll do next?

    I will greatly appreciate it if you have time to HELP me and give me directions.


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