You Can’t DA The Truth

A term the Church of Scientology uses in its PR policies is “DA” or “Dead Agent.” The idea is that if someone is spreading lies or attacking you or your organization, one of the methods of counteracting is to show how wrong the attacker is by showing the facts of the matter. By exposing their lies, you are removing their bad influence – it kills the effectiveness, hence the term “Dead Agent.”

To do this, the church sets up “DA Packs” that are supposed to show up the detractors. However, the only attempts I have seen to DA people like Marty Rathbun, Debbie Cook, Mike Rinder and others is to spread ad-hominem attacks rather than facts. Debbie Cook writes a letter to her friends on New Years day citing valid concerns backed by Time, Place, Form, and Event, and the church’s own policy, and three days later she is vilified in the media by the church as a “disgruntled apostate” and “squirrel.” 

There is no actual rebuttal with facts. There is no rebuttal with reality. This is because you can’t DA the truth.

Thanks Bob, for this great phrase – it is so true!


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