The Church Can’t Even do a Pinch Test

I read with interest this article at the Daily Mail in the UK in which a reporter accepts an invitation to Clearwater (which was received by a friend). It is all bewilderment and weirdness on her part – crazy people in saunas, crazy people walking around, etc., you know, the usual story about how weird Scientology and Scientologists are. The Media really is predictable.

But, the thing that really stood out was how she tried to game the pinch test by thinking of “The Sound of Music” and the kid giving the pinch test fell for it. If it is true that the reporter thought of something else, and totally avoided the thought of the pinch, then the read would not have reoccurred, or would not have been the same.

Imagine what would have happened if the pinch-giver had actually been able to read a meter?

Pincher: “Recall the pinch”

Reporter: (Thinks of “The Hills are Alive!”) “Yes, sure.”

Pincher: “No, that did not react. [with Tone 40] Recall the pinch.

Meter: Read.

Pincher: (on the instant read) “There – you thought of it.”

Reporter: “Whoa!”

The meter is like magic to someone with no clue, handled by someone who knows how to use it. Now this person at Clearwater just adds fuel to the fire that somehow Scientology a fraud because this reporter gamed the pinch test, and the test-giver screwed up.

You want to see a pinch test done right, look at the one Marty did on John Sweeney. Sweeney looked like he saw a ghost.

Thanks, Mr. David Miscavige. Another great product from Flag.

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