Real Scientology

(Adapted from a comment I made on Marty Rathbun’s blog)

I have been reading all this stuff about “Scientology” in the media because of the Cruise/Holmes split, and thinking about Karen de la Carriere’s and Heber Jentzsch’s loss of their son Alexander Jentzsch, and Alexander’s willingness to disconnect from his mother, and I have been thinking about all of the ex-corporate Scientologist parents and children who have been cut off from their families, and about “the hole”, the RPF in general, the Sea Org, the forced abortions, the kids at CC and other Scientology churches that were left to flounder while their parents were on course or on staff…

And then I think about my mission in New Jersey – the one where I did my Comm Course, HQS, Student Hat, HSDC, where I got my ARC SW, and started on my journey.

And I remember how fun it was. And how truly ethical the people were there – we played softball and we didn’t need an ump because players would own up to being “out” or “safe.”

The “Scientology” I have been reading about in magazines, the kind I brushed up against when I was on staff at Flag and in Los Angeles, the “Scientology” of the SO, black boiler suits, screaming teenagers, and stat pushes…. That was never Scientology to me. It was some other thing – at the time I considered it a “necessary evil.” I took Ron at his word that the SO was needed to protect and forward Scientology, but that did not mean I wanted to be part of it. I now consider it a noble, but failed, experiment, and I thank God that the SO is dead along with the church.

The Scientology of my mission, of the ASHO Academy and Briefing Course, of the AO and ASHO HGC (auditing center) – of the ’70s and ’80s. The Scientology of my co-audit – I co-audited the bridge up through clear. The wonderful C/Ss, the two-hour confronts, even the crams…

This is Scientology.

Scientology is fun. It is enlightening. It is a blast. We had an adage: “If it’s not fun, it’s not Scientology” and that is so true. “Scientology” became not fun when it got way too serious under the regime of SO members who blew the hand-off from Ron, especially Mr. David Miscavige. Miscavige is the leader of these dolts, but he is by no means the only jerk in the bunch. Miscavige and his supporters created the mess that the world sees as “Scientology.”

But real Scientology is fun. And it is simple, and if we did just this and cut out the vias and the evil, well that’s all that we need to do.

3 thoughts on “Real Scientology

  1. Howard Roark

    Once again another excellent post Grasshopper.

    When I read Marty’s posts, I quickly skim the comments and yours are some of the ones that I stop to read. It’s a great idea on your part to take some of your comments and turn them into your own posts. Your viewpoint on all of this is valuable – keep up the good work 🙂


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