The Email That Pushed Me Over

This is the email that broke the camel’s back. It could have been any other, but this tone of this email from the Captain AOLA, Cal Cole, just did it:


Dear AOLA public,

As a person who has achieved or will achieve the State of OT, it is vital that you are kept briefed on what we are doing and accomplishing the world over. And what are our current goals and objective.

If you did not see the Maiden Voyage 3 event, you are not briefed at all on the above. And you need to be. This is Chairman of the Board briefing you on our stellar accomplishments and laying out the goals and targets for the coming year.

You will be very moved by what is happening. It is really almost unbelievable but is a dream come true.

I am demanding that you come in to AOLA or your local org and see this event. It is extremely important that you do so – and really your duty, as you are just as responsible for salvaging this planet and its people as I am.

Let me know that you have done this and I would enjoy hearing your feedback.

Sincerely, Cal Cole, Captain AOLA

(Bold text mine)

I looked at the email, especially the section I put in bold text above, and I just thought – are you kidding me? You are demanding me? And you are telling me that I am as responsible as you are for salvaging this planet and its people? When you are perpetuating the lies and the fraud? Enough. Just, enough.

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