Hubbard on The Work Was Free

The sub-title line of my blog states “The work was free. Keep it so.” When I was sixteen and had just bought the just-published red Technical Volumes (“Tech Vols”), this was on the frontispiece to the first volume. The Tech Vols at that time numbered ten volumes. The first eight contain all then-known technical publications (except books) in a chronological order, with notes as to when lectures were given, books were published, etc. Volumes IX contains the key technical collections called “series,” and Volume X contained the venerable “C/S Series.” It is essentially a history of the tech, as well as an incredibly useful tool.

Until the tech vols were published, finding a reference was difficult. Either the HCOB was in your pack, or you had to dig around the archives in HCO or in the Qual Library to find your references. Having all of them in one place was a significant milestone. The year before, the Technical Dictionary was released, which was its own milestone, for the same reason – you have one place with the true definitions of the terms used in Scientology. Armed with the books, the tech dictionary, and the tech vols, you had Scientology in one book case.

In the very front of the first book there is a picture of Ron on the right, and this poem on the left page:

I’ll not always be here on guard.
    The stars twinkle in the Milky Way
And the wind sighs for songs
    Across the empty fields of a planet
A Galaxy away.

You won’t always be here.
   But before you go,
Whisper this to your sons
   And their sons —
“The work was free.
   Keep it so.”

L. Ron Hubbard


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