Mr. David Miscavige and the Substitute Bridge

I receive lots of emails from the various churches of Scientology. Very few ask me to come in for the next service – most ask me to do things like:

1. Donate MORE to the IAS
2. Donate to some “Ideal Org” fund raiser or another
3. Donate to get books into some library or another
4. Donate to the Super Power project, or some other project.

With each donation comes some sort of status label: “Honor Roll,” “Crusader,” “Humanitarian,” “Patron,” “Patron with Honors,” “Founding Life Member,” ad nauseum.

It occurred to me today, and was confirmed by Mike Rinder’s post on Marty Rathbun’s blog on how Miscavige plans on “Clearing the Planet” (by having people donate to the IAS), that Mr. David Miscavige has created a substitute bridge. He has substituted this bridge of donation labels for the actual Scientology training and processing bridge.

The Havingness Scale shows degrees of ability for people to have things – as in owning things, working with things, comfort with things. The scale is as follows:

Responsible for (willing to control)
Contribute to
Waste substitute
Must be confronted
Must be contributed to

Look at what happened here. Instead of having a bridge, Miscavige has pushed people down through waste to get to the substitute. And, of course, since people have wasted all their funds buying into this substitute, they fall lower and lower – and the church wastes these people when their funds run out – they waste the substitute. Then, these people realize they have been had (I couldn’t resist!). Actually, they had a bridge, had a church, and now they have nothing.

We could go further than that, but my point is this: The church is no longer providing the bridge. They are providing a substitute in the form of the IAS, the Ideal Org program, the Super Power project — all the projects where you are given status for your contribution, rather than Scientology.

That’s a pretty bad trick, and a very low level game.

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