What is an “Accomplished Phase 2 Businessman?”

Accomplished Phase 2 Businessman?

I received a couple of these emails from Pasadena over the last week or two. Apparently someone named Michael Chan imparted his version of LRH wisdom on the crowd in Pasadena yesterday. He is billed as an “Accomplished Phase 2 Businessman.” What the heck is that?

9 thoughts on “What is an “Accomplished Phase 2 Businessman?”

  1. Elizabeth Hamre

    ” Accomplished Phase 2 Businessman” some will buy it who believes that they be better off having it… that knowledge and to that extend in-cooperated with their reality on their own reality level it will work. But if they are not hight toned ..well they will not achieve their postulate…my reality…any idea can be seen as clever -good, and just how clever or good that idea is depends wholly on the viewers reality -understanding-knowledge.

    1. Grasshopper Post author

      Really? So this is some sort of WISE designation? WISE is the most squirrel organization there is. Imagine “licensing” LRH technology! Imagine dumbing LRH tech down so that it looks more palatable to dentists. Imagine pushing admin tech, which is not even the tech.

        1. Elizabeth Hamre

          LRH’s work encompasses all phases of human activity: how to and what to do in order to better ones life.

            1. Elizabeth Hamre

              if you have read any of my posting than you know where I am at when it coming to that subject.

  2. Simple Thetan

    Very simple, it is someone who found a sucker to run his business for him, and deposit a check in his bank account periodically. Mind you this is not someone who lives of his savings, but rather of the labor of someone else.

    This usually continues until the sucker realizes that he does not need the parasite anymore, and cuts the money flow.

    This is the dream of every corporate Scientologist. It never lasts very long. It does however provide never ending disputes to WISE.

    I hope this makes it clear.


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