The Church and David Miscavige Are Stupid and Incompetent

It is getting to the point – hell, it got to the point at least a year ago – that the truth of whatever stories Marty Rathbun and Amy Scobee and Debbie Cook and Mike Rinder and Steve Hall and the whole team of ex-Int staff tell about the “hole” and int base no longer matters. Of course these things are true. Of course the “Hole” existed and exists. However, in terms of conveying how evil Miscavige is to so-called Scientologists still grasping to the Church, it does not matter if they are 100% lies. Why?

Because the 199 day siege of Marty and Mosey’s place was so STUPID, and so SUPPRESSIVE, and so OFF-POLICY, and so INVIDIOUS, that it cannot be defended in the least. We KNOW it happened. There is no question of he-said, she-said. It is a fact.

Then, to top this off, the church is STILL AT IT. See Marty Rathbuns post on this.

The cameras are REAL. The association of PIs to Miscavige is REAL. The harassment, the off-policy actions… Miscavige is still at it.

This is wrong. It is NOT Scientology. It is EVIL. It is SUPPRESSIVE, it is STUPID. These are the actions of a mad man.

I have friends in the church. I know they are thinking “well, this may be wrong, but we can’t unmock the church because it is the only route and our eternity is at stake.” Well, you are right about your eternity being at stake, but two things: You will be there no matter what, and the end DOES NOT justify the means. It is not okay to condone breaking the law and blinding  yourselves to what is really happening.

You can be a Scientologist while condemning these egregious activities, regardless of what the church says. In fact, it is the only way to remain a Scientologist, because these actions are destroying, have destroyed, the church.

4 thoughts on “The Church and David Miscavige Are Stupid and Incompetent

  1. Elizabeth Hamre

    Those things what you have writen about in your article has nothing to do with being on the Path of Enlightenment of understanding what is spirituality.. You are right on that.. That path is a dead end…
    Be well, have a lovely day… Elizabeth.

  2. richardgrant

    “Stupid” and “incompetent” are certainly true. But lately I’m thinking in different terms: Pitiable. Sad. Wretched. Tortured. Pathetic.

    David has remade an entire religion in his own image: mean, snarling, petty, obsessive, paranoid, and profoundly devoid of compassion. But look what he’s done to himself in the process. He is the mirror image of those lonely, terrified, isolated Sea Org children haunting the under decks of the Freewinds, their faces stained with drying tears, their dreams shriveled to cobwebs, unable to even imagine escaping, sleepless, inconsolable, tormented by nightmares. He is utterly alone and there is no one to help him.

    Mark Rinder says, “It sucks to be David Miscavige.” This is more true than any of us can imagine. Thank God.

  3. statpush

    It’s funny, at the same time your local MAA/Ethics Officer will tell that Marty Rathbun is a nobody, an incompetent boob, who somehow managed to rise up the ranks and terrorized the Int base. If that were true, why the elaborate surveillance?

    The truth is Rathbun WAS a somebody and possesses damning information about current church leadership. For DM and Co, Rathbun is very dangerous indeed.

    Goggle “Marty Rathbun” and what is the first search result? A PAID Google Ad for OSA’s anti-Rathbun site. Your donations hard at work.


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