What Every “Under the Radar” Scientologist Should Do

If you are a Scientologist who is “in” but understands that things are very wrong, you are facing the same moral dilemma I faced: How do you avoid committing a high crime? Or, more correctly, how can you NOT commit a high crime? High crimes are suppressive acts in the church, and you are subject to expulsion if you commit them.

On the one hand, it is a high crime to “publicly denounce Scientology.” And form splinter groups. And hang around with people declared SP by the church.

On the other hand, by being active in the church, you are committing the high crime of Out Tech, of failing to keep in the ten points of “Keeping Scientology Working” and tech degrades, failure to clean up an ARC Broken field, aiding the commission of felonies and mayhem, and a number of others.

In other words, if you are a Scientologist (inside or indie), you are directly or indirectly committing high crimes while Mr. David Miscavige is “in office.” You can’t claim to be innocent, here. If you are still in, you can’t tell me I committed a high crime by being public about my discontent while you pay money to a regime that is actively undermining the very subject of Scientology.

That, to me, is the moral dilemma. But once I realized that there is no way to remain “clean” on this, you have to weigh, which “high crimes” are worse? Administrative high crimes that protect the status quo, or technical high crimes that affect the very existence of Scientology? I say, screw the admin high crimes. They can only be high crimes if the church is actually doing the right thing, and we all know that things are rotten in Hemet.

Ok, so given that, what is a poor corporate Scientologist to do?

Well, follow Ron’s advice at least and withdraw support. You have an eternity. David Miscavige does not. Take five years off, and live your life, and go for your dreams, using the tech and wins you already received from Scientology. Live life! And, do NOT go to events, do NOT flow anymore energy to the IAS or the church, do NOT continue to support the continuous actual high crimes committed daily by Mr. David Miscavige and the people who don’t have the balls to stand up to this guy. You don’t have to walk up to the man and tell him off. Just quietly sit the next five years out.

Then, when you are ready, find out where Scientology really is.

(Note: This was first published as a comment on Mark Rathbun’s blog).

1 thought on “What Every “Under the Radar” Scientologist Should Do

  1. statpush

    Great blog. I would also add, the ethics codes in the church imply that what they are in reference to is Standard Scientology. They are designed to protect the subject of Scientology and the group that practices Standard Scientology. If the church departs from standard application of Scientology tech and policy, how do these codes apply? I think that is something the individual will need to answer for themselves.

    Quiet dissension is an easy solution for those flying under the radar. And deprives corporate Scientology of its life blood – time and money.

    A while back DM was quoted in an interview, in response to the question “What is power?”, he said “Power is when people listen to you” (paraphrase). So, you want to deprive DM of his “power”? Stop listening to him. Don’t go to events to listen to him blabber on. And when he issues his edicts (aka Command Intention), just shrug it off as nonsense.

    This course of action will eventually pickup momentum, and as it does DM and his cronies will get more and more desperate. The more desperate they become, the more and more irrational their behavior; thus convincing more and more people that these guys are off-the-rails.


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