To The Scientology Haters Out There

I understand that there are those out there who are rooting for a demise not only of Mr. David Miscavige, but also of the entire subject of Scientology. To them I say – hey, whatever turns your crank. But there are some of us who know that Scientology is valuable, that L. Ron Hubbard was an amazing man, and a genius (mad, or otherwise), and that e-meters work. We know it because we did Scientology, and found it to be true and workable – but alas, not perfect. We know Ron was cool because we listened to the man talk for hundreds of hours, and read hundreds of thousands of his words.

I find it much more valuable than, say, modern psychiatry that, despite the billions of dollars of funding, despite legal recognition and support from the government, and despite programs in all the major universities, still cannot prevent its own patients from shooting innocent people and themselves. Now THAT is quackery. So while certain anti-Scientologists are worried about whether a Scientologist may or may not have poisoned a dog twenty-five years ago, today we have psychiatric patients with guns walking the streets of America.

There is a lot of bad in the current Church of Scientology. But let us keep it in perspective.


4 thoughts on “To The Scientology Haters Out There

  1. statpush

    Just to add to this…I think some differentiated thought is called for when approaching Scientology. There is the “church” and there is the “subject” – two distinct, separate things. I know many public, as well as long-time Scientologists have collapsed the two. Certainly there is a link between the two, but Scientology as a “subject” stands on its own, independent of any organization. One does not need a “church” to inspect and study the “subject” of Scientology.

    1. Grasshopper Post author

      That is very true. The most damaging thing David Miscavige and his followers are doing now is acting in ways that are incredibly contrary to what Scientology is and can do. So, because the church insists on identifying itself as “Scientology,” it is redefining Scientology as a wacko cult.

      There has always been fringes. You have to be out of the mainstream to consider Scientology in the first place, since mainstream people tend to be happy with whatever status quo they were born into. Actually, I like that about Scientology.

      But “Scientology” is and always was the technology, and the goals of the technology, which is to help people become better people and more able to handle life. It is not the IAS, OSA, the SO, the GO, or any other group. It is just auditing and being audited and applying the tech to life. And that is good.

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