The Atlantic Gets Gamed by Miscavige

Is this pathetic? The church of Scientology bought an ad on The Atlantic Monthly that was so over-the-top, so amateurish, so like “North Korean Propaganda,” that they pulled the ad and posted this apology. And this one, too.

Is there ANY DOUBT that Mr. David Miscavige has completely and absolutely ruined whatever PR the church had? This is a sad day, but inevitable.

Look, all Scientology really is is two people sitting down, with one person helping the other, with no physical coercion, no drugs, and no judgement. Miscavige has turned this one simple fact into a mountain of manure so high, so toxic, that companies whose life blood is ad revenue turn down Scientology ad money and apologize to their readers for having “screwed up.”


5 thoughts on “The Atlantic Gets Gamed by Miscavige

  1. Elizabeth Hamre

    My friend Happy New year to you! In my reality NO ONE HAS TAKEN AWAY THAT OPPORTUNITY IT IS STILL THERE: TWO PEOPLE STILL CAN SEAT OR ONE STILL COULD SOLO AUDIT: the material is there so are the dozens of well trained auditors… They have not vanished! BUT problem is that PC’s are missing!!!! The Church of Scientology should not be blamed for people not get into sessions. It seems all these so called victims they have targeted the wrong item… and the ”right’ ITEM is SELF.. I have read so many excuses why people dont get back on the BRIDGE but not one named that SELF…. but they sure love to play the victim and blame others with that not taking responsibility!. I wonder when all the cry-babies ever stop the blame and get into session?

    1. greenonwhite

      Grasshopper. I ‘know’ you from Marty’s blog.

      DM has surely ruined the PR of the subject. As someone who gets others interested in the subject, this article, the books coming out, the endless media stories, are an accumulative barrier slowing or stopping others from looking.

      I have had this experience in high doses this month so far.

      I am trying now to take a datum and show it, demo it, expand upon it, and in this way get the person to see the datum is in fact, for them. This starts a very slow differentiation between media perceived reality to what the subject actually is.

      I continue in hope……

      1. Grasshopper Post author

        Yea – I refer to “Sturgeon’s Law” – which is “95% of everything is crap.” If we removed the 95% of what people think is Scientology and can just focus on the 5% that really is Scientology, life would be much better. I liked the old days when we were not being hamstrung by people who call themselves “Scientologists” – like Mr. David Miscavige.

        1. greenonwhite

          So true. I spoke to some today who had just completed a few courses and was absolutely winning as a result. Life went from zero to her version of infinity. The courses were basic. Just as you described, two people sitting down, one helping the other. It was SO gratifying to get this feedback. So simple was the process and so huge were the wins. No hype, no int strategy, no building BS, nothing. No church edifice or hollow hallways. This keeps me interested and continuing on.

  2. statpush

    “The degree of complexity is proportional to the degree of non-confront” springs to mind. You are right, Scn, in practice, is simply two people sitting down talking. How could you fuck that up?


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