Bishop Carlton Pearson on This American Life

Bishop Carlton Pearson on This American Life

This is a fantastic story about a man who was a very popular Evangelical pastor, with a very large “mega church,” who went to Oral Roberts University and was mentored by Oral Roberts himself, who had a crisis of faith, and who realized that his God would love us enough to never send us to Hell – and who realized that Hell is on Earth. He has been ostracized by the evangelical community, and even today, eight years later, evangelicals still post damning comments on his Facebook page. There are a number of parallels between his story and the stories of many Independent Scientologists.

Bishop Pearson preaches what he calls The Gospel of Inclusion (from his Facebook page):

The Gospel of Inclusion explores the exclusionary doctrines in mainstream religion and concludes that according to the evidence of the Bible and irrefutable logic, they cannot be true. Bishop Pearson argues that the controlling dogmas of religion are the source of much of the world’s ills and that we should turn our backs on proselytizing and holy wars and focus on the real good news: that we are all bound for glory, everybody is saved, and if we believe God loves all mankind, then we have no choice but to have the same attitude ourselves.

The Gospel of Inclusion also tells the story of a powerful religious figure who watched everything he had crumble due to a scandal. Why? He didn’t steal money nor did he have inappropriate sexual relationships. Following a revelation from God, he began to preach that a loving God would not condemn most of the human race to hell because they are not Christian. Hepreaches that God belongs to no religion. The Gospel of Inclusion is the journey of one man’s quest to preach a new truth.

I find his story very inspirational, and Bishop Pearson is a great example of following your own integrity rather than caving into what is expected. Since hearing this story a few weeks ago, I have looked him up a listened to his interviews and messages. I feel a kinship to this man, and I hope to meet him someday.

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