Own Your Own Soul

There are so many opinions out there about who and what we are, which is the correct path, and which are the dangerous paths. This is across the board, not just with any particular religion, sect, or science.

The young musician and poet Prince EA posted this on Facebook and it certainly applies here:

Whenever you receive deconstructive, negative criticism. Remember this: “Was there ever a being that was loved by all beings? Nope, not even God.”

You choose your own path, and have a right to make up your own mind. People love following gurus, and that is great up to a point. We can and should learn from others. In fact, we must be open to learning from others. But we can’t lose ourselves in our gurus. We can’t substitute their thinking for ours. We can learn from them, but we mustn’t let them think for us. Cults are cults because they take over your thinking – and you allow it to happen. In order to be truly free, you must think for yourself. You must view the facts for yourself and have your own opinions, not just the aped opinions of others.

Being an independent thinker means being independent. It means to be independent of all opinions, biases, lies, assertions, arbitrary rules, self-flagellation, finger-pointing, and self-righteousness. It means to rationally view the facts that we can see and to trust our own observations and to make up our own minds about all of this.

Look to facts. More facts are always a good thing. More opinions? Not necessarily so. Discern the facts from the opinion. Welcome and embrace the facts, even if they are uncomfortable. Listen to and acknowledge the opinions – but realize that’s all they are: opinions. No matter who said them, even if they are a guru or trusted confidante. For every damning opinion of subject A, there is an ardent supporter of subject A. Opinions are interesting, but almost worthless (in my opinion, of course). This even goes to truck brands: Chevy is better than Ford! No, Ford is better than Chevy! This is human nature. However, when it comes to you and your path, it is best to cast the opinions aside and work to find the truth.

All of this comes down to one thing. You are a human being with your own ability to be rational, to think, and to perceive. You have a right to be rational, to think, and to perceive. People throw around words like “brain washed” or “crazy” or “irrational” or “stupid” or “ignorant” or “hypnotized” or “lost” or “misled” or “need to be educated” when you have an opinion that is different from theirs. If your opinions are strong, they may say you are “evil” or have “an agenda” or “can’t possibly believe what he is saying.” Don’t be swayed by the negative.

View facts rationally and without fear, and welcome them. Facts are friends. The more facts the better. Education is a good thing. Recognize opinions and value them as you see fit, but don’t be bullied by them. Be strong and value your own ability to reason, and value your own opinions.

Own your own perceptions. Own the facts unflinchingly. Own your own opinions and realize that you have every right to have them… but don’t be bullheaded about them. Own your own reason and know that you can look at things without being “brainwashed” by them. In short:

Own your own soul.


1 thought on “Own Your Own Soul

  1. Jenni S

    I really love this post “own your own soul.” Even scientists can offer opinions in the fond belief that because they are scientists, everything they think must be science! It is totally up to each individual to observe, read, study, perceive and draw his or her own conclusions.


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