Scientology and Hypnosis

There has been a recent trend in the Scientology diaspora world lately about how people who accept Scientology only do so because they are hypnotized. The idea is that auditing is really hypnosis in disguise, and that Hubbard himself was a master hypnotist who used his powers in his lectures and discussions to implant suggestions into his subjects. Hubbard revealed his true motivations to his friend Forrest Ackerman (in 1949 even!) when he said “…you can rape women without their knowing it, communicate suicide messages to your enemies as they sleep, sell the Arroyo Seco parkway to the mayor for cash…” This proves his real reasons for publishing Dianetics.

Well, guess what? They are all right! Scientology is one big hypnotic suggestion, and I can prove it by describing Hubbard’s most insidious, egregious, underhanded, and deceptive technique. It is the technique he used more than any other to hypnotize his followers. Despite all the books and articles and beat poetry that has been written or said on Hubbard and his techniques, no one has ever described Hubbard’s most frequent, and most secret, method! It is so insidious, it was lost even on the most critical of anti-Hubbardian whistleblowers (or whistle bloviators, as the case may be).

Hubbard insisted on the use of this technique to introduce – nay hypnotize – people into Scientology. It was and still remains his most effective means of capturing the poor minds of his followers.

As a person who has intimate experience with Hubbard, Scientology, Scientologists, anti-Scientologists, and fake Scientologists, I would like to blow the cover off of Hubbard’s most effective, underhanded technique, for the good of all.

The technique Hubbard used and mastered is called “Focused Data Acquisition.”

What is Focussed Data Acquisition? It is a technique in which you can hypnotize people without your even being there – Hubbard is still doing it even though he has been dead since 1986.

To perform this technique, do the following:

1. Capture what you want to suggest to your subjects into a series of sheets of paper. The paper size is not important. What is import is that you effectively assemble your suggestions into a series of word streams, so that they can be easily digested and accepted by the subjects you are targeting.

2. Take these sheets of paper, and attach them together into a stack.

3. On the top of the stack, place a sheet of stiff paper or cardboard with an image evoking the suggestions you wish to convey – thus readying the subject and putting them in the correct frame of mind to accept the suggestions that follow.

4. Ensure your subject gets a set of these paper sheets. Tell them to go to a quiet place (such as a nook by a fireplace) so they can be in a relaxed state of mind, thus making them much more suggestible when they enter into the focussed state.

5. Tell them (and this is the key point) – tell them to focus on the streams of words of the suggestions with their eyes, scanning over each letter, forming words from the letters, and suggestions from the words, thus allowing their brain and soul to mainline these suggestions into their psyche.

6. In order to avoid having the suggestions misfire, or evoke an errant response, ensure that the subject understand the words he or she is reading – even to the point of defining the words using a special paper stack designed for that purpose.

Studies have found that people who are subjected to this insidious form of hypnosis frequently fall into a very focused state, where the world around them seems to recede, and where they do not hear people address them, even if their name is repeated several times! Frequently, people need to be tapped or gently shaken for them to be pulled out of this form of hypnosis/trance.

If you ask any Scientologist or ex-Scientologist, you will find that this technique, Focused Data Acquisition, was subjected on them as their first hypnotic session, implanting in them the first suggestions that eventually became the entire implanted suggestion called “Scientology.” Hubbard was a master at this technique.

Remember, you heard it here first.

10 thoughts on “Scientology and Hypnosis

  1. jennisi

    Say what? I’m not quite sure how the process you describe is different from reading any book, except for point 5, and I don’t recall the steps in point 5 from Hubbard’s writings. Where are they? But, one thing is definitely true. I heard it here first.

    1. Elizabeth Hamre

      you have expressed my views on this… and I like to add that it is total nonsense what I have read in the above post.. such a reality only can born when the person haven’t the clue what study-reading any subjects means.

  2. David Cooke

    It’s frightening to reflect that Focused Data Acquisition may still be practiced today, even after the sterling efforts of library-burners down the centuries, after the digital revolution that substitutes audiovisuals for permanent hard-copy text, and after an enlightened generation of schoolteachers have done their best to cure children of the perverse habit of reading.
    Yes, I too succumbed to Hubbard’s insidious spell of the printed page. He may have learned this technique from Aleister Crowley, who was also guilty of writing books (as I think these paper objects are called in the underworld). Too late now, I realise the wisdom of those who denouned reading as the Mark of Satan!

    1. Elizabeth Hamre

      🙂 I never ever read again! OH I fear I might fall into some deep hypnotic state and never ever resurface again!

  3. jennisi

    I’m embarrassed! I just re-read this blog and realized the humor. The first time I read it I took it totally literally. Thanks, Grasshopper, for a great blog.

    1. Elizabeth Hamre

      Hehehe, it was a joke? Now I am eating crow and not the first time! Serves me right for believing.
      I apologise for emanating bad energy, I truly do!

  4. Elizabeth Hamre

    I have followed you from mine and I hope you dont mind me being here and making great comments!

  5. Grasshopper Post author

    I wrote this because the idea that Scientology is just a hypnotic suggestion and that we have no control over ourselves just really rankles me. Things like “Ron engaged in Conversational Hypnosis” and that auditing is really hypnosis, but you don’t know it, and that all this is derived from Aleister Crowley is utter BS. Most people learn about Scientology by reading about it. Obviously, that is really hypnosis and no one knows! And as we all know, Ron was a master.

  6. Jenni S

    You know, having been to the Burbank Library Book Sale yesterday, I have to rethink whether reading maybe is a form of hypnosis. I had to say “excuse me” 3 or 4 times to a person to get them to move aside because they were so entranced in a book. And I also went into a trance state looking at the wonderful books for sale. Came home with a whole shopping cart full of books! My judgment was certainly clouded; I must have been hypnotized!


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