Closure of LA and ASHO Foundation and Treason

My alma maters are ASHO Day and ASHO Foundation, the two highest-level training organizations in the Americas. I did my Academy Levels at ASHO Day in 1976, and my Saint Hill Special Briefing Course at ASHO Foundation from 1980 to 1985.

In September, the church made a huge announcement: They are closing ASHO Day and ASHO Foundation, and combining them into a new org, just ASHO. They have also closed down Los Angeles Day and Los Angeles Foundation orgs and combined them into a new Los Angeles org staffed by Sea Org members only.

This is, per HCOPL 7 April 1969 “Org Reduction or Eradication,” a Treasonable Act:

“It is an act of treason to reduce, combine or close an org”

LRH lists out 29 ways an org can “collapsed or closed,” including number 3: “Combine the Day org with its Foundation.” Further on, and very telling:

“Of these offenses, simply ordering an org closed or to combine Day and Foundation or to drop its status lower are directly treasonable acts, as a little work and better planning and attention to policy and service has always been able to lift up stats.”


“Thus, _we_ must also take heavy care that our own executives do not do it [close/combine orgs] in any shape or guise as it betrays the whole planet.”


So, we all know that Mr. Miscavige and his cronies are screwing up big time. Here we have proof in Hubbard’s own writing that they are committing treason.

The problem with staying in the church out of fear that you will “lose your eternity” is that you have already lost it. The church has demonstrably violated LRH policy after policy after policy, and now we have the church closing orgs and celebrating it. Imagine that! Celebrating a treasonable act.

I mourn ASHO Foundation. ASHO F was a great org, with great people back in the day, and it deserves better than this.

1 thought on “Closure of LA and ASHO Foundation and Treason

  1. Jenni S

    Your blog is excellent as usual. I did not know about this policy of LRH on combining or closing orgs but it makes a lot of sense. It is amazing how those in the church were convinced to accept this and even think it is a good thing. By the way well done on doing the Levels and BC. I never got that far in my training. I want to say something about the threat of losing one’s eternity. No one is in charge of your eternity except you as I’m sure you know. That threat is on the same level as the threat of fundamentalist Christians who say you will burn for eternity if you don’t accept Christ as your personal savior. I am not anti-religion by any means but some religions do tend to go in for these control mechanisms.


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