The Sea Org is the Organization that sets the Standards for Ethics, Tech, and Admin on the Planet

As part of the travesty that is the take-over of the Church of Scientology’s Los Angeles Organization by members of the Sea Organization, the church released a promotional item that glorifies it. Instead of admitting that it was essentially a coup, they church is spinning it as a new model in their “Ideal Org” program. Mike Rinder has it all on his blog.

One thing stood out to me, which is this quote from the new RTC Rep of the usurped LA Org, Joanna Bach:

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 1.11.27 PM

The RTC is supposedly the authorizing force regarding who is good enough to use the Scientology trademarks. The RTC is led by none other than Mr. David Miscavige, so-called “COB” of the RTC. So, Joanna works for Dave.

Since the greater world might not know what the standards of ethics, tech (technology), and policy look like, I thought I would show you a very recent example of Sea Org members displaying their standards to the world.

These three people are not just Sea Org members, they are the top echelon of Sea Org members. The woman, Jenny Linson DeVocht is Mr. David Miscavige’s right-hand, and the other two gentlemen have held top-level positions in the Sea Organization for over thirty years.

This is the standard to which Scientologist church members all over the world aspire. I know, it is difficult to be this ethical, especially out in such a public place as the Los Angeles airport, but listen to the aplomb – the grace – with which these three demonstrate their skills. It is truly breathtaking. Needless to say, not too many church members can pull this off. It takes years of working at the highest levels to get to this level of awesomeness.

However, their example has filtered down to the mainstream church members, even if they are not quite as endearing and gifted as these three are. Here is an example of just three years ago, where some wayward church members wandered off the reservation out into the greater world to do God’s work in Texas:

This particular encounter shows how the example of the Sea Organization’s superior standard of ethics trickled down the food-chain to some well-meaning parishioners who are just trying to ensure that Scientology is standardly delivered. They did miss a major piece of the standard, however, which was that there were no profane words uttered (even if their existence in Texas in such ridiculous outfits was profane – maybe that is enough after all).

So, since the Los Angeles church was closed down and then restaffed with Sea Org members, and since these Sea Org members are truly the standard for ethics, technology, and policy for the entire planet, I just thought I would enlighten you on what that standard actually looks like. Enjoy!

1 thought on “The Sea Org is the Organization that sets the Standards for Ethics, Tech, and Admin on the Planet

  1. Elizabeth Hamre

    ” Needless to say, not too many Scientologists can pull this off. It takes years of working at the highest levels to get to this level of awesomeness.”‘
    🙂 so my friend now we all have something to look forward to this ”awesomeness” and it is my goal from now on since it is so elusive of state that so far I could not reach even after I have confronted the universe it self… 🙂 or is it possible this awesomeness this wondrous state existing only in their universe?
    I just had on email telling me that this ”awesomeness” what SO has went on clearance sale at 7 eleven and selling for 50 cent a pound!
    Off I go, I have on extra $ 1.00 to spend!


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