Happy Birthday Ron!

Happy birthday to L. Ron Hubbard. Ironically, today is the day Alex Gibney’s “Going Clear” documentary is premiering in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. I have not seen the movie yet, but by all accounts, it appears to be a compelling piece of work. My hope is that it supplies enough pressure to the church and folks like Tom Cruise and John Travolta that significant changes happen in the organization. One thing is sure, it will contribute to the motion.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Ron!

  1. Elizabeth Hamre

    Hello to you in Oregon from BC Lower Mainland.
    I sure would love to express my reality on the state of so called Clear, Clear on the first D?
    Now that is one of the biggest misunderstanding LRH have had about what SPIRITUALITY IS and how each beings universe is being set up and he passed this huge misunderstanding to tens of thousands.
    The State of Clear how it is presented is Pure hogwash, joke of the century.
    In my reality long as a Person, a Being, a Soul, Entity experiences something, has thoughts on the subject, has feelings about it, sense it in any ways: knows its existence, being aware therefore that subject is in the persons space part of that persons universe therefore that subject belongs to the person therefore that person is not CLEAR on the first D. or in fact not Clear on anything.
    In the state of spirituality as in the universe of thoughts “”WHICH IS THE SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE”” it self there are NO LEVELS—NO SEGREGATION— NO INDIVIDUALITY… there is no such a thing as mine, yours or belongs to others, or theirs and because of this fact levels are not in existence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So no way in Hell clear can be achieved on one level… that is impassible to accomplish!
    Have thought on anything? Long as you have them than it is yours since no one can experience some other beings thoughts.
    Elizabeth Hamre. I talk and write from experience.

  2. Elizabeth Hamre

    PS: about birthdays.
    ABOUT BIRTHDAYS what they are: from different view-reality who no longer has one.
    Born 1939 November 4th: with the date and name on the Birth Certificate is the first official anchor and a solid platform for that Entity – that is announcement in the form of a piece paper which establishes the Spiritual Beings presence on Planet Earth.
    Fallowing celebration after the birth of the body by the parents, relatives and friends is a very strong acknowledgement and agreement by all for the Being that now he exists-lives and with that ‘’having-ness’’ is established: another heavy anchor for that being: well underway to become solid!
    After each Earth calendar years passing with that the Being and the family, friends continue the celebrating the exiting of the body.
    “”Havingness galore”” for the Being when gifs are received and every person expresses their happiness of your existence: being among them. Hurray I am alive I am living!
    Among the wishes one which really puts the person into the solid state “Wish you long life”!!!! That is the lid on the commode.
    With that saying the value of having body and having life because having the body is truly established and top of it is agreed by all and that makes that reality real-really –really solid: boulder of the size of the Earth is now in place. k
    My point here?
    Celebration of birthdays is part of the implanted material and every part of this ‘’celebration’’ was designed to solidify-establish the Beings presence in the MEST Universe and ‘’each years’’ celebration directs that Being back to Mama implant because the “yearly celebration is the safety catch-hook’’ in the material which was designed like a boomerang ‘’just in case “ the person might find the way out from solidity and become free of the implant.
    Living calendar years and the growing numbers adding VALUE: having-ness-solidity and WOW to live to be 92 is huge, and to reach 100 is really something WOW.. Lucky human!
    Contemplate on this a bit and remember what you have read while having that glass of vine on your next birthday or toasting somebody else.


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