A “Cram” for David Miscavige, Ecclesiastical Leader of the Scientology Religion

L. Ron Hubbard, of “Going Clear” fame these days, wrote a collection of policies for the church called the “PR Series” (for Public Relations). These policies are (or should be) the guiding policies for all Public Relations activities by the church. The are 47 policy letters in this series.

In the second policy letter of this series, released in August of 1970 (13 Aug 1970), Ron speaks of the missing ingredient in PR: “Reality.” Scientology defines understanding as an interaction between three factors: Affinity, Reality, and Communication.

Ron took the word “affinity” to mean a friendliness or love toward someone or something. Closeness. The higher the affinity for someone, the more you like them. Over the years, I have taken to replacing “affinity” for love, because Love is a strong word and everyone knows what it means. God is Love. Love conquers all. Love makes the world go ’round.

“Reality” means, in this context, what a person agrees exists. What is real versus unreal. To some people, God is very real. To others, God is a fiction. A person can have a vague idea that there is a city called Los Angeles, but it is not really real to someone until he or she actually visits Los Angeles. You can live your whole life with someone, and then find out they are a closet Nazi. Your world shatters because everything you thought was real about the person becomes a lie. The new reality is jarring.

“Communication” is the interchange of ideas or things between people.

These three make up an inter-depended triangle called the ARC Triangle. As you communicate with someone, you find out more about them (Reality), and generally you increase your affinity for them. This is even true of bad people. No one is perfectly bad, and by communicating with someone and gaining reality on who and what they are, you will see that they may be evil, but not 100% so. In any event, the more you communicate with someone, the more you will understand them. Thus, the higher the ARC, the higher the understanding.

So – that is a long preamble to PR Series 2, and the excerpt below:

“When an enforced communication channel carries only lies, then the affinity caves in and you get hate. For the R [Reality] is corrupted.

“PR dedicated to a false reality of lies, then becomes low A [affinity], low C [communication] and recoils on the user.

“So the first [note that: first] lesson we can learn that enables us to use PR safely is to KEEP A HIGH R [reality].

“The more lies you use in PR the more likely it is that the PR will recoil.

“Thus the law:


Emphasis above is Ron’s. My comments in brackets.

Note that this is a law, which Ron set in policy in 1970. Fast forward the last few years, and especially the last few weeks. The church of Scientology is lying through its teeth.

What I find fascinating is that what is happening with the church and with the entire subject of Scientology is happening exactly as Hubbard predicted it would, forty-five years ago. Mr. David Miscavige, I suggest you reread and apply what Hubbard wrote before you finally destroy everything Hubbard did in his lifetime.

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