Mark Rathbun Blog Takeover

This is unbelievable. I posted the following this morning on Mark Rathbun’s blog knowing it would not be approved:

“So, I’m on to you. Mark Rathbun is not running this blog anymore. I don’t know what you did to him and his family, but I will tell you that despite these videos, which remind me of the North Korean propaganda videos from the Korean War, the overwhelming evidence of how corrupt the church is, and the destruction of the tech, will live on. In your case, you can’t erase the idiocy of the “Squirrel Busters” hounding Rathbun for months and months, and the idiotic video of the SO execs hounding Rathbun at the airport, etc., etc. I don’t know what you did to make Rathbun turn on people who were his friends, but I have to think it is far worse than the squirrel busters caper.

But I’m on to you. You pushed it too far, and now these videos are just evidence of Mark’s surrender. Cheers.”

Guess what happened? My comment was replaced by a long, long diatribe against Tony Ortega and the Village Voice. It was not me who wrote that post. But it’s under my ID because they just deleted my text and replaced it with theirs. Unbelievable! This, to me, is proof that Marty is no longer in charge of his blog.

Cussing unbelievable.

Mark Rathbun has recently starred in a series of videos in which he trashes his former friends and spouts the church propaganda line that he rejected for years. It is pretty obvious from the content that he made some sort of deal with the church or David Miscavige or both. I have no idea why he would do this, but I find it very sad. That his independent blog, the blog that I started posting to seven years ago and which was so instrumental in exposing the abuses of the church, is now a propaganda arm of the church just shows how much a Greek tragedy Scientology is. That he has “turned” is hard for me to believe, but there it is. The mighty has fallen.

And now his blog is run by the church. There is no way Mark would delete my comment and post a pure church propaganda piece under my ID. So unethical. Just shows the church is as corrupt and unethical as ever, and Rathbun’s videos won’t change that.

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