Closure of LA and ASHO Foundation and Treason

My alma maters are ASHO Day and ASHO Foundation, the two highest-level training organizations in the Americas. I did my Academy Levels at ASHO Day in 1976, and my Saint Hill Special Briefing Course at ASHO Foundation from 1980 to 1985.

In September, the church made a huge announcement: They are closing ASHO Day and ASHO Foundation, and combining them into a new org, just ASHO. They have also closed down Los Angeles Day and Los Angeles Foundation orgs and combined them into a new Los Angeles org staffed by Sea Org members only.

This is, per HCOPL 7 April 1969 “Org Reduction or Eradication,” a Treasonable Act:

“It is an act of treason to reduce, combine or close an org”

LRH lists out 29 ways an org can “collapsed or closed,” including number 3: “Combine the Day org with its Foundation.” Further on, and very telling:

“Of these offenses, simply ordering an org closed or to combine Day and Foundation or to drop its status lower are directly treasonable acts, as a little work and better planning and attention to policy and service has always been able to lift up stats.”


“Thus, _we_ must also take heavy care that our own executives do not do it [close/combine orgs] in any shape or guise as it betrays the whole planet.”


So, we all know that Mr. Miscavige and his cronies are screwing up big time. Here we have proof in Hubbard’s own writing that they are committing treason.

The problem with staying in the church out of fear that you will “lose your eternity” is that you have already lost it. The church has demonstrably violated LRH policy after policy after policy, and now we have the church closing orgs and celebrating it. Imagine that! Celebrating a treasonable act.

I mourn ASHO Foundation. ASHO F was a great org, with great people back in the day, and it deserves better than this.

Scientology and Hypnosis

There has been a recent trend in the Scientology diaspora world lately about how people who accept Scientology only do so because they are hypnotized. The idea is that auditing is really hypnosis in disguise, and that Hubbard himself was a master hypnotist who used his powers in his lectures and discussions to implant suggestions into his subjects. Hubbard revealed his true motivations to his friend Forrest Ackerman (in 1949 even!) when he said “…you can rape women without their knowing it, communicate suicide messages to your enemies as they sleep, sell the Arroyo Seco parkway to the mayor for cash…” This proves his real reasons for publishing Dianetics.

Well, guess what? They are all right! Scientology is one big hypnotic suggestion, and I can prove it by describing Hubbard’s most insidious, egregious, underhanded, and deceptive technique. It is the technique he used more than any other to hypnotize his followers. Despite all the books and articles and beat poetry that has been written or said on Hubbard and his techniques, no one has ever described Hubbard’s most frequent, and most secret, method! It is so insidious, it was lost even on the most critical of anti-Hubbardian whistleblowers (or whistle bloviators, as the case may be).

Hubbard insisted on the use of this technique to introduce – nay hypnotize – people into Scientology. It was and still remains his most effective means of capturing the poor minds of his followers.

As a person who has intimate experience with Hubbard, Scientology, Scientologists, anti-Scientologists, and fake Scientologists, I would like to blow the cover off of Hubbard’s most effective, underhanded technique, for the good of all.

The technique Hubbard used and mastered is called “Focused Data Acquisition.”

What is Focussed Data Acquisition? It is a technique in which you can hypnotize people without your even being there – Hubbard is still doing it even though he has been dead since 1986.

To perform this technique, do the following:

1. Capture what you want to suggest to your subjects into a series of sheets of paper. The paper size is not important. What is import is that you effectively assemble your suggestions into a series of word streams, so that they can be easily digested and accepted by the subjects you are targeting.

2. Take these sheets of paper, and attach them together into a stack.

3. On the top of the stack, place a sheet of stiff paper or cardboard with an image evoking the suggestions you wish to convey – thus readying the subject and putting them in the correct frame of mind to accept the suggestions that follow.

4. Ensure your subject gets a set of these paper sheets. Tell them to go to a quiet place (such as a nook by a fireplace) so they can be in a relaxed state of mind, thus making them much more suggestible when they enter into the focussed state.

5. Tell them (and this is the key point) – tell them to focus on the streams of words of the suggestions with their eyes, scanning over each letter, forming words from the letters, and suggestions from the words, thus allowing their brain and soul to mainline these suggestions into their psyche.

6. In order to avoid having the suggestions misfire, or evoke an errant response, ensure that the subject understand the words he or she is reading – even to the point of defining the words using a special paper stack designed for that purpose.

Studies have found that people who are subjected to this insidious form of hypnosis frequently fall into a very focused state, where the world around them seems to recede, and where they do not hear people address them, even if their name is repeated several times! Frequently, people need to be tapped or gently shaken for them to be pulled out of this form of hypnosis/trance.

If you ask any Scientologist or ex-Scientologist, you will find that this technique, Focused Data Acquisition, was subjected on them as their first hypnotic session, implanting in them the first suggestions that eventually became the entire implanted suggestion called “Scientology.” Hubbard was a master at this technique.

Remember, you heard it here first.

Own Your Own Soul

There are so many opinions out there about who and what we are, which is the correct path, and which are the dangerous paths. This is across the board, not just with any particular religion, sect, or science.

The young musician and poet Prince EA posted this on Facebook and it certainly applies here:

Whenever you receive deconstructive, negative criticism. Remember this: “Was there ever a being that was loved by all beings? Nope, not even God.”

You choose your own path, and have a right to make up your own mind. People love following gurus, and that is great up to a point. We can and should learn from others. In fact, we must be open to learning from others. But we can’t lose ourselves in our gurus. We can’t substitute their thinking for ours. We can learn from them, but we mustn’t let them think for us. Cults are cults because they take over your thinking – and you allow it to happen. In order to be truly free, you must think for yourself. You must view the facts for yourself and have your own opinions, not just the aped opinions of others.

Being an independent thinker means being independent. It means to be independent of all opinions, biases, lies, assertions, arbitrary rules, self-flagellation, finger-pointing, and self-righteousness. It means to rationally view the facts that we can see and to trust our own observations and to make up our own minds about all of this.

Look to facts. More facts are always a good thing. More opinions? Not necessarily so. Discern the facts from the opinion. Welcome and embrace the facts, even if they are uncomfortable. Listen to and acknowledge the opinions – but realize that’s all they are: opinions. No matter who said them, even if they are a guru or trusted confidante. For every damning opinion of subject A, there is an ardent supporter of subject A. Opinions are interesting, but almost worthless (in my opinion, of course). This even goes to truck brands: Chevy is better than Ford! No, Ford is better than Chevy! This is human nature. However, when it comes to you and your path, it is best to cast the opinions aside and work to find the truth.

All of this comes down to one thing. You are a human being with your own ability to be rational, to think, and to perceive. You have a right to be rational, to think, and to perceive. People throw around words like “brain washed” or “crazy” or “irrational” or “stupid” or “ignorant” or “hypnotized” or “lost” or “misled” or “need to be educated” when you have an opinion that is different from theirs. If your opinions are strong, they may say you are “evil” or have “an agenda” or “can’t possibly believe what he is saying.” Don’t be swayed by the negative.

View facts rationally and without fear, and welcome them. Facts are friends. The more facts the better. Education is a good thing. Recognize opinions and value them as you see fit, but don’t be bullied by them. Be strong and value your own ability to reason, and value your own opinions.

Own your own perceptions. Own the facts unflinchingly. Own your own opinions and realize that you have every right to have them… but don’t be bullheaded about them. Own your own reason and know that you can look at things without being “brainwashed” by them. In short:

Own your own soul.


Anniversary of Independence

Today marks the second anniversary of my Declaration of Independence. Up until two years ago, I was “Under the Radar.” I did not want my involvement with Scientology issues to cause problems for my friends and family, so I chose to remain anonymous. It became clear, however, that being anonymous was not really helping, and I felt like I was being untrue to myself by remaining just “Grasshopper.” So, I declared independence. It was a good thing to do.

A lot has happened over these last two years. However, my view has stayed consistent about Scientology, which is that regardless of anything else, there is value to Scientology, and people can use Scientology to help other people, if they use it in Love.

What is Scientology?

To me, Scientology, real Scientology, is just three things:

1. One person sitting across from another person and helping him.
2. A classroom where people are learning how to do 1.
3. A set of technologies and techniques and theories that are used in 1.

That to me is it. To me. I know that the name “Scientology” is also applied to the GO, the SO, Miscavige, forced abortion, the Hole, crazy management structures, crazy “justice” structures, rote adherence to words on paper, enforcement of rote adherence to words on paper, all ex-members of the SO, GO, the church, and Charles Manson. But, no. To me, Scientology is just these three things.

To me, number 3 is a subset of all that Hubbard wrote. And also, to me, number 3 contains things that Hubbard did not write. But at the end of the day, Scientology really is people helping people. If something happens inside the walls of an org that is NOT people helping people, then it is not Scientology to me. This, frankly, is the standard Scientologists (and Hubbard himself, for that matter) should have been applying all along.

When I was on staff at Flag in the mid-’70s, I was already a Class IV auditor, and has already helped people and had been helped through auditing. Then I joined staff, and saw the shenanigans that was going on in the name of Scientology at Flag – CMO girls lording it over adults, people yelling at people, stupid solutions to real problems. At that time I looked at this and said “that’s not Scientology.” It wasn’t. It was a bunch of people running around in a Scientology building who were not actually doing Scientology or applying Scientology principles.

Over the years of my active involvement, there were always pockets of people doing Scientology, and pockets of people who were doing something else. They were mixed up in the same buildings. When all the uncertainty was happening in the early ‘80s, I was on the Briefing Course at ASHO Foundation, and my measuring stick was whether or not things were OK technically on the BC. And things were OK when I was there on the BC, even though it was sometimes surrounded by some crazy things. 

I was vocal, but not disruptive, in voicing my concerns about idiocy like the Finance Police, 5% per months increases, SO nazism. I did see my share of MAA/Ethics Officers because of it. 

My thinking at the time was that craziness does happen – is almost bound to happen, but I felt the craziness would subside as more people learned their own technology, their own religion. I viewed these disruptions as growing pains of a new religion, a new group. I was hopeful that the tech would win out in the end, and that eventually things would mature into a real group doing the right thing and focussing on helping people. I figured we would follow an arc like the Mormon Church, for example. I was wrong.

But regardless of what happened organizationally, Scientology still is, to me, the three things I listed above, and ultimately distilling down into one thing: Scientology is people helping people. 

To all the people who have left the church and are trying to sort out their experience with Scientology, and trying to figure out what is and what is not valuable about the technology and writings, I suggest using this one yardstick: Does what I am looking at truly help people? At the end of the day, nothing else matters.



The only alternative to “belief” is believing ONLY what you see and can prove and no more. No one can really do that, and in any event, doing that leaves a lot of imagination and conjecture behind.

For example, belief in a non-physical soul. All you can really prove about human life is that a person is gestated, born, alive for a while, and dead – the component parts eventually getting disbursed. And that could very well be reality. So, we have materialist types who believe that consciousness is the product of physical processes and laws, located completely within the skull.

But there are indications that that is not true – that consciousness is external to the physical form. There is no real proof, but there are indications.

So – what are we to do? Ignore the indications? Ignore the logic that supports a human soul as opposed to a mechanical meat automaton? Choose to only believe was can be proved? Even Scientists do not do that.

Everyone believes in something, and not all beliefs or opinions are supported by undeniable evidence. They are, however, usually supported by core assumptions. Assumptions that may or may not be true, but if they are true, lead to a string of deductions that can lead anywhere.

My personal core assumption is that we are, each of us, spiritual in nature, and not composed of matter sprung from the Big Bang. I could very well be wrong. But if I am wrong, then we humans are nothing more than rocks floating in space that happened to combine a certain way, and which have no meaning at all, with no “free will” (since rocks have no will), and no “creativity” (since all that is or was was predetermined by the Big Bang).

This may be right, but it is way, way too bleak for me to accept as truth. And in any event, I have experiences and indications that tell me that it is not the truth.

Call me a “believer”, but be assured that I have come to my beliefs with a lot of thought and reasoning, knowing that I could very well be wrong.

Keeping Scientology Working – What Now?

I am posting a reply I made as a new post, since it may shed a bit of light.

Keeping Scientology Working (KSW) points 1-10 are a wonderful way to teach a specific technology. Points 7-10 are a bit harsh, but points 1-6 are pretty much a given in order to get anyone up to speed on any technology, not just Scientology.

In the case of Scientology, point 1, “Having the correct technology,” can no longer be defined by any organization. The church has blown it, so we individually are left to our own observations as to what the “Correct Technology” is. One thing I have come to learn is that there is not a single, easily definable “pool” of technology that all can agree is “Scientology.” Where are the boundaries? The RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) is Scientology, but it is bogus and needs to go. The Sea Org and all its FOs and advices are Scientology, and while there is wisdom in some of the Flag Orders (FOs) and OODs items (Orders of the Day), most of it has to go. The justice codes and Policy Letters – virtually all of them – have to go. I mean, what I am doing now is “suppressive” as per the Justice codes, but I am no SP, and I am doing the right thing. The last edition of the Auditor’s Code has points that need to go (cooperating with the official church being one point that is crazy). The Code of a Scientologist, same thing. Scientology is a huge swath of technologies and opinions, and somewhere in that huge swath is “Correct Technology.” The Class VIII course talks about a “thread” of truth that runs through all of Scientology, and that is Standard Tech – meaning that some of what Ron wrote is Standard Tech, and some of it isn’t.

There is no one alive who can definitively define what Standard Tech is, or what “Correct Technology” is. It is up to each of us to find out what it is, if we care to do so.

In addition to all of this is that there are technologies and knowledge that are outside of Ron’s writings that align very well and extend or elaborate or contrast with Scientology that also can be considered to be true, and is also “Correct Technology.” Certainly not what Ron intended, but truth is truth.

The kicker is that you cannot learn Scientology by holing up somewhere – it has to be learned in a classroom setting. You need other people to do TRs and meter drills – actually, you need people to help make or repair meters in the first place, and it is good to have a mentor or guide. And materials are needed, etc. So, adding to the individual need to define Scientology for yourself independently is the need to work with others to actually DO it. Frankly, I think that is where the tension is in the Indie community these days, to the degree there is tension.