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Happy Birthday Ron!

Happy birthday to L. Ron Hubbard. Ironically, today is the day Alex Gibney’s “Going Clear” documentary is premiering in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. I have not seen the movie yet, but by all accounts, it appears to be a compelling piece of work. My hope is that it supplies enough pressure to the church and folks like Tom Cruise and John Travolta that significant changes happen in the organization. One thing is sure, it will contribute to the motion.


Vanity Fair on Tom’s Wife Auditioning Process

Vanity Fair has an article in its soon-to-be-released October number about how the Church of Scientology worked with Tom Cruise to audition a new bride.

The Church of course denies it, but it denies everything, doesn’t it?

I personally find this repugnant. It is unbelievable. It  has nothing to do with the philosophy or practice of Scientology, and is an excellent example of how to abuse it. It is proof that whatever the church is doing, it is not Scientology.